paper hydrangea tutorial

paper hydrangeaI believe I have mentioned my fondness for inexpensive, do-it-yourself solutions – especially when it comes to decor. These flowers are a perfect example of something that is beautiful, easy to make and is extremely budget friendly. I’m a little pressed for time on this post and I’m sure you’re dying to find out how to make them so I’m just going to get right down to the how-to.

Here’s what you’ll need:you'll need:: large scalloped circle punch
:: craft paper (or paper lunch bags)
:: styrofoam ball
:: glue gun
:: twigs for stems
:: something with a point at the end (I use a knitting needle)cut circlesStart by cutting out a stack of scalloped circles. I fold my paper a couple of times so I can cut multiple circles at a time.foldTo make a “petal” take one of your circles, place the knitting needle at approximately the middle and fold loosely in half. Do not crease, just a gentle fold. Fold in half again, and again – three folds total. glueAdd a dab of glue to the point of your petal and push it into the styrofoam ball. Push it into the ball just enough for it to stick, if you push too far the ball will break. Continue to add petals until you can no longer see the styrofoam. The more randomly you add the petals, the more real your flower will look.stemOnce the flower gets to the fullness of your liking, add a dab of glue to the end of one of your twigs. Insert glued end into the middle of your flower. It should look like this when you’re doneall doneMake as many as you like for fun arrangement!

I used a bag of paper lunch bags and a bag of styrofoam balls in various sizes from the dollar store so this project ended up costing $2 for 8 flowers!closeflowers


53 thoughts on “paper hydrangea tutorial

  1. Do you think these could be made with scrapbook paper? I would like to make them purple. Approximately how many scalloped circles did you use per flower ball? Thanks!

    • They certainly could be made from scrapbook paper. I honestly have no idea how many circles I used. I’ve always made the flowers in batches so I’ve always cut out as many circles as I can and go from there.

      • I used a 2.5 in scol lapel edge punch and a 2 in. Styrofoam ball am it took approximately 96. Petals

  2. Do you know the diameter of the scallop punch? I was thinking 3 inches from the pictures, but wanted to be sure before I bought it!

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  11. These are so freaking adorable! I’m featuring them on my [so cheap, so easy] series tomorrow. I’ll link back to your original post. Thanks for sharing!

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  15. Where do you recommend I buy twigs? I have been trying to search for places to buy them, but I can’t seem to find them. I’ve also been trying to find some branches.

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  31. Hello. This is beautiful, amazing and very organic. Can I do this and make a living from it? I am a single mom of two trying to make ends meet. Thank you.

  32. I read that you used 3″ scalloped punch, but what size styrofoam ball was used. I assume smaller punchers would need a smaller diameteer scalloped punch. True?

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