a little of life today via instagram

Little behind the times I know, but I finally started playing with Instagram today! Doesn’t change the fact that my phone camera leaves much to be desired but it was kinda fun snapping quick photos throughout the day!started off on the right foot, after a very minor procedure on my toe last friday I can finally wear shoesfirst sign of spring popped up in our yarddusted these babies off

followed this guy half way through town love old boxy trucksSorry Howie, if I had stacks of Bux freebies I would probably frequent your fine establishment more often. But for now, a girl will go to great lengths to support a habit.the Volv’s sorry excuse for cup holders, but we made it with no spillsbuddiesall that play makes for one tired babylearned that rugs that cost less than $5 really aren’t meant to be washedone down two to golove when the house smells like baked goods

Hope you had a happy Wednesday!


4 thoughts on “a little of life today via instagram

  1. I was wondering if we would hear from you today! Thanks for giving us a little sunshine! Glad you were able to finally get your shoes on.


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