i love these ebooks!

Ok I know I posted about this on Monday but that was before I knew how great they were! Now that I have had a chance to download and read a few of these books I can’t help but seriously encourage you to take advantage of the offer!

This is the perfect resource for any mom. Books about raising your children to know and love Jesus, books about teaching them to be a responsible adult – cooking, cleaning and loving others, books to refresh your soul, your home and your food – decor, recipes, money saving tips, cleaning tips. I am reading like 6 of these books at a time. The offer ends Saturday and I can’t rave about it enough. 97 books may sound overwhelming but you can up load them to just about any device so you can read on the go. Some are even ecourses so there’s no reading involved, all you have to do is listen! AND they’ll be on your computer forever so you can take as long as you want and always have them as a resource!

I’m currently reading or have read – Pursuit of Proverbs 31, Real Food: Kids in the Kitchen, Grocery University, Seasonal Menu Plans on a Budget, Handmade Walls and I’m thinking about taking advantage of the special offer for a free yogurt starter!

I have no personal gain from you taking advantage of this – I just wanted to share that I think this is an incredible resource and encouragement for any homemaker.

Head over to Nesting Place for a full list of books and details of how to take advantage of the offer!



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