chickens – our gateway farm animal

chicks So after all getting settled in to the new place we decided the only reasonable thing to do was to get chickens – you know, since we don’t have much else going on – we thought adding 4 more living things to take care of was a good idea. Truthfully, it’s our dream to live on a farm one day with the works, cows, goats, pigs, chickens, a giant garden. If we want the dream farm we have to start somewhere. We’ve been wanting to get chickens since I found out you could have them in the city, we’ve just been waiting for the right place and now that we have one – chicken it is!on our wayWe finally had our first weekend together as a family and so we loaded up and headed to the feed store to pick up some chicks. Everly was so excited, we had been talking about ‘chichens’ all week.first peekso many chicksSo many to choose from! We picked four and brought them home. Our main criteria was a ‘quiet breed’ to keep the neighbors happy. Ok, color coordination might have had something to do with it too – because I’m always a little bit aware of aesthetics.chickens in a boxI think Everly forgot about the chicks by the time we got home because all she wanted to do was hold the chirping box. But then… so excited!She was so excited to hold them. That all changed once they started flapping their wings, then she was content to just pet them and watch from a safe distance. peekingShe loves her new ‘birdies’. We can’t wait for delicious fresh eggs!chick fuzzThis handsom guy was a part of the fun too. I think his fluffy hair resembles the chicks, what do you think?

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Life as of late has been sweet.jammie love

It has also been chaotic, exhausting, full of laughter and tears, a little scary, so exciting and it hasn’t slowed down. Not for a single second and we are loving it. My camera has been pushed to the side, replaced by my phone and we have been living off the stock of freezer dinners that I made before the chaos began.

Here’s a little insight: The day before Canaan was born we got the keys to our new place. A mid-century ranch-style home that was desperately in need of someone to bring it into this decade. So, for the last two months not only have we been learning how to be a family of four, we have also been demoing, designing, painting and constructing our little hearts out. Praise the Lord for all of our willing and very helpful friends and family! I can’t wait to show you pictures, this place has come a long way! We are finally all moved in and while there is still so much work to do, it feels like home. In fact its only been two weeks it feels more like home than any other place we’ve lived. I love it!

There are pictures to come but for now, happy weekend!

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just before the little guy comes

sela photographyOur friend Tara who is a wonderful photographer gifted us a family photo shoot as a shower gift. We finally got to take her up on it a few weeks ago and it was the perfect gift! Luckily we got to squeeze it in before both of our babies came! (She is due just two days before me!) She did an amazing job, Everly was less than thrilled about the shoot but you certainly can’t tell from the photos! Thanks so much Tara! AND thank you to my parents who gifted us the actual photos. We are one spoiled family!

Photos via Sela Photography _DSC0640everly 4 photosdefinitely not lacking in the facial expression department_DSC0716 _DSC1021this girl loves to knock _DSC0734_DSC1041 desert boots to match daddy_DSC1054besties_DSC1080 _DSC1115scared face

baby month

nestingbaby monthJust after Christmas it finally hit me, we’re having a baby in less than a month! I finally had to kick my pregnant mind into gear because up until that point absolutely NO preparations had taken place to welcome the little guy into our lives. So while you have experienced a bit of silence for me over the last few weeks, I can assure you it has been everything but silent over here! There has been laundry FOR DAYS, freezer meal prep, re-organizing, crafting, cleaning, more cleaning, and nesting, nesting, nesting! Yeesh! My mind has been going a thousand miles a minute But I am pretty sure we can say that we are prepared for baby number two and now all we have to do is wait. I can only assume that things will continue to be a bit quiet around these parts as we welcome baby boy home but I do have a couple of tutorials that I am pretty excited to share with you so if he decides to postpone his arrival you might get to see a few soon! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!for the boy{Felt garland will be available in my shop soon! Burp cloth tutorial found here}

if you read one christmas story this year, make it this one

cosmic christmasThe Christmas season is in full swing and our house has definitely been hit. But before I post about any of the decorations or gift ideas (who knows if I’ll even get to all of that anyway!) I want to make sure I share this Christmas book with you. Unfortunately, I think growing up in the church allowed the Christmas story to become dull to me. Maybe it was the fact that it was never presented in a way that children could fully understand. Maybe it was because as a child even if it was presented well, the idea of a child being born to a young girl to be a Savior to all would have gone right over my head. Or maybe it was because I heard the same story over and over each year allowing it to become routine. Whatever the reason – though it’s embarrassing and pains me to be honest – the greatest story of all time has always seemed like just another story to me. But a good friend of mine lent me Cosmic Christmas by Max Lucado a few years ago and all that has completely changed.

While this is a fictional book and it is the authors ideas about what was going on – seen and unseen – during the time of Jesus’ birth it brings a realness to the story that I desperately needed. Christ’s birth is real. It is something that actually happened and real people were actually there to experience it. I am sad that it has taken me this long to begin to understand the weight that is the Christmas story but the first time I read it my heart came alive. I look forward to reading this book every year and my excitement about Christmas has shifted from Christmas songs, decorations and gifts to remembering the great gift of Jesus.

The reading of this book during the Christmas season is something I plan on making a tradition for our family. It’s fairly short and would be great to read over a few nights as a family bed time story. And if you read one Christmas book this year I would highly recommend that it be this one.

Merry Christmas Season to all of you!

everly’s first birthday: those who made it great

I’ll admit, people pictures have always been a major weakness of mine. I am the person that comes home from a once in a lifetime trip with pictures of architecture and scenery on my camera and not a single photo of myself or anyone else that was there. Should have just brought home a few tourist brochures instead of lugging around a camera the whole trip! But things are much easier to photograph, they don’t move, they aren’t worried about what their hair looks like or if its their good side and an unflattering angle of a party scape is much less embarrassing than one of your pregnant chin.

Anyway, I’m working on it. So I thought I would do an entire post of photos just for the friends and family that made Everly’s first birthday so special. The following are two of my favorite family photos from the day. I love it when little moments are captured.Most of these photos are thanks to my very talented brother who was the team photographer for the day. Thanks Uncle B!