Life as of late has been sweet.jammie love

It has also been chaotic, exhausting, full of laughter and tears, a little scary, so exciting and it hasn’t slowed down. Not for a single second and we are loving it. My camera has been pushed to the side, replaced by my phone and we have been living off the stock of freezer dinners that I made before the chaos began.

Here’s a little insight: The day before Canaan was born we got the keys to our new place. A mid-century ranch-style home that was desperately in need of someone to bring it into this decade. So, for the last two months not only have we been learning how to be a family of four, we have also been demoing, designing, painting and constructing our little hearts out. Praise the Lord for all of our willing and very helpful friends and family! I can’t wait to show you pictures, this place has come a long way! We are finally all moved in and while there is still so much work to do, it feels like home. In fact its only been two weeks it feels more like home than any other place we’ve lived. I love it!

There are pictures to come but for now, happy weekend!

This time last year | poppyseed muffins | | quick sweater makeover | | bbq chicken pizza | | paper hydrangea tutorial |


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