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5 thoughts on “contact

  1. So glad you decided not listen to all the reasons why you weren’t going to do a blog! This is awesome, I’m so proud of you. And I am definitely going to try baking those amazing maple cinnamon rolls. Very cool…good luck on your journey and I’m happy I get to peek in on your life every now and then! 🙂

  2. That photo of Everly by Gabriela is the SPITTING image of Jake ( femininely speaking of course). Now your mama might disagree, but he is the first person who comes to mind…and her seriousness, I love it!

  3. HIL….you are so cute….I love reading your blog every day. I wish I could have had that kind of counsel so many many years ago…..LOVE YOU……Maama
    I bought brussell sprouts and we are trying them….I don’t have lemon so we will try them tomorrow…..As old as we are and I have never cooked them. You’re never to old, right? Especially getting advice from our granddaughter…..


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