printable wedding invitations on etsy

arrow wedding invitationI have been playing around with invitation design for a while now and am totally loving it! Heres a peek at my latest wedding invitation. I’m loving the new casual wedding trends so heres my version of a laid back invite with plenty of personality! I also have a special place in my heart for inexpensive – diy wedding solutions so I’m offering this in my shop as a printable!  Head over and check  them out!

arrow wedding invite- grey



diy // gilded cake toppers

gold animal cake toppers - diy guilded cake toppers | via oneyounglove.comOne of my closest friends just had her first baby and a few weeks ago I had the privilege of helping with her shower. I wanted something very boy but also creative and cute for mama. These gold animal cake toppers were a hit and I had so much fun making them for Linds.

They ended up coming together pretty quickly and they had a huge impact on the table scape. The best part is, you can make them too! Here’s how:gold animal cake toppers - materials | via*You’ll want a drill bit that is the same diameter as your skewers1. gold animal cake toppers - plastic animals | via oneyounglove.comTake each plastic animal and drill a small hole on the bottom. Drilling the holes works best if you start slowly. I would also strongly recommend you use a vice rather than your hands to hold the animal cake toppers - drill | via oneyounglove.com2. Place the skewers in each hole. If you chose the correct size drill bit you won’t need glue. If your holes ended up slightly larger than the skewers, you can add a dab before you set the skewer.
gold animal cake toppers - skewer | via oneyounglove.com3. Start spraying.

Make sure you get every angle including the skewer. If spray paint in your cake concerns you, leave about two inches of unpainted skewer at the animal cake toppers - a golden zoo | via oneyounglove.com4. Let them dry and have a party!

I love how these turned out. They are great for a birthday party or shower it doesn’t even need to be a party for kids, adults will love them animal cake toppers - cupcakes | via oneyounglove.comI think they are a fabulous mix of fun, whimsy and sophistication. The perfect special touch for your next party.

Love these little guys but don’t want to make them yourself? I’ll make them for you! Head over to my Etsy shop and order up!

happy teething day

That’s right. Teething all around. I stuck my finger in this guys mouth the other day only to find a razor sharp tooth. He’s three months old! Yeesh! Apparently I got my first tooth at three and a half so paybacks? It’s almost like the littles decided to gang up on me because I took a peek in Evie’s mouth last night and found three more molars making their way through her gums. So happy teething week to us!

i love these ebooks!

Ok I know I posted about this on Monday but that was before I knew how great they were! Now that I have had a chance to download and read a few of these books I can’t help but seriously encourage you to take advantage of the offer!

This is the perfect resource for any mom. Books about raising your children to know and love Jesus, books about teaching them to be a responsible adult – cooking, cleaning and loving others, books to refresh your soul, your home and your food – decor, recipes, money saving tips, cleaning tips. I am reading like 6 of these books at a time. The offer ends Saturday and I can’t rave about it enough. 97 books may sound overwhelming but you can up load them to just about any device so you can read on the go. Some are even ecourses so there’s no reading involved, all you have to do is listen! AND they’ll be on your computer forever so you can take as long as you want and always have them as a resource!

I’m currently reading or have read – Pursuit of Proverbs 31, Real Food: Kids in the Kitchen, Grocery University, Seasonal Menu Plans on a Budget, Handmade Walls and I’m thinking about taking advantage of the special offer for a free yogurt starter!

I have no personal gain from you taking advantage of this – I just wanted to share that I think this is an incredible resource and encouragement for any homemaker.

Head over to Nesting Place for a full list of books and details of how to take advantage of the offer!

dinner tonight // asparagus soup

asparagus soup{photo via}

Whatever you were planing on making for dinner – don’t! You MUST make this amazing asparagus soup instead! I’ve been trying really hard to add lots of extra fruits and veggies to our weekly meal plans. I came across this asparagus soup recipe and just so happened to have all the ingredients on hand! It was meant to be! This soup is so creamy and so amazingly delicious and except for just a tiny bit of olive oil and butter it’s all veggies! We all loved it including Everly – ‘more soup please’ – music to my ears! Hop on over to A Beautiful Mess for the full recipe.

holy ebook bundle!

homemaking ebook bunleSo for starters, I’m not a typical ebook reader – lets be real, I’m not a regular book reader either – but this offer came through my email this morning and I thought it was too good to pass up! Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 11.04.37 AM97 homemaking ebooks for $29.97! Certainly I’m not dying to read all 97 but there are more than enough that peak my interest to make this deal totally worth it! Look here for a break down of what is included. (I’m using this category breakdown to organize my ebooks once I download them.)

I’m especially looking forward to the meal plans, cleaning tips and the children’s section! I could always use a few more tips in those areas! Happy reading!

expanding the urban farm // welcome bees!

smokerApparently I wasn’t kidding when I called our chickens our gateway animal. This weekend we decided to add bees to the list. bee boxWith great encouragement and lots of help from our friends at My Local Honey we have been getting ready for our fist hive. Jake, Canaan and I made the trip out to a near by bee farm and picked up our starter pack which we then loaded up in the car (yes thats right, over 10.000 bees in the back of our 4runner) and brought home. getting them set upJake got straight to work loading them into their box – he was super excited. I can’t wait to harvest our very own local honey at the end of the season!

Note – I’m pretty sure after reading this post my sister-in-law might never again visit our home but don’t worry Lace, theres a bee suit here with your name on it! And we promise to share our honey!

Oh and now that the chickens are in their awkward adolescent phase they  have been promoted to the out doors. Things are really moving along over here! teenage chickensAnd if it didn’t already feel like a zoo around here, take a look at the neighborhood pet.neighborhood petThat is a peacock and it is on our house or according to Everly ‘upstairs’. He stopped by for a visit the other night while we were having friends over for dinner. Just a little meal time entertainment! Yeesh!