and so it begins

Welcome to One Young Love!

Its finally here! The day I enter into the world of blogging. I said I would never do it (explanation to follow), but sometimes you end up doing things you said you would never do. Story of my life!

I am so excited about this new journey, it’s been a long time coming. Crafting, cooking and making our house a home is what I love. I am continually rearranging furniture, putting holes in the walls for sake of decorating and trying to bring to life the perfect furniture piece, wall-hanging, baby outfit or dinner idea that is swirling around in my head.

Two and a half years ago I married the most amazing, creative, loving man who happens to be my best friend. I am abundantly blessed to stay home with our beautiful daughter and eagerly anticipate more babies to come! I finally have my dream job! (Which may be why it took just short of a decade to get my Bachelors, apparently you can’t major in “mommy”) I truly believe that this is what I was created to do.

I find a simpler way of life very intriguing and while I’m not a complete hippie, I do think there is something to be said for a more natural lifestyle. Being an active part of the food we eat or the products we use is something that I desire to continue incorporating into our family’s life more and more. But ultimately it’s about finding a way of living life that works best for us.

I hope that this will become a place you look forward to visiting. Where you can take a few minutes out of your busy day to relax, sit down with your favorite cup of coffee, maybe a sweet treat and be inspired, encouraged and maybe even try something new! Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you will come back soon!