expanding the urban farm // welcome bees!

smokerApparently I wasn’t kidding when I called our chickens our gateway animal. This weekend we decided to add bees to the list. bee boxWith great encouragement and lots of help from our friends at My Local Honey we have been getting ready for our fist hive. Jake, Canaan and I made the trip out to a near by bee farm and picked up our starter pack which we then loaded up in the car (yes thats right, over 10.000 bees in the back of our 4runner) and brought home. getting them set upJake got straight to work loading them into their box – he was super excited. I can’t wait to harvest our very own local honey at the end of the season!

Note – I’m pretty sure after reading this post my sister-in-law might never again visit our home but don’t worry Lace, theres a bee suit here with your name on it! And we promise to share our honey!

Oh and now that the chickens are in their awkward adolescent phase they  have been promoted to the out doors. Things are really moving along over here! teenage chickensAnd if it didn’t already feel like a zoo around here, take a look at the neighborhood pet.neighborhood petThat is a peacock and it is on our house or according to Everly ‘upstairs’. He stopped by for a visit the other night while we were having friends over for dinner. Just a little meal time entertainment! Yeesh!


chickens – our gateway farm animal

chicks So after all getting settled in to the new place we decided the only reasonable thing to do was to get chickens – you know, since we don’t have much else going on – we thought adding 4 more living things to take care of was a good idea. Truthfully, it’s our dream to live on a farm one day with the works, cows, goats, pigs, chickens, a giant garden. If we want the dream farm we have to start somewhere. We’ve been wanting to get chickens since I found out you could have them in the city, we’ve just been waiting for the right place and now that we have one – chicken it is!on our wayWe finally had our first weekend together as a family and so we loaded up and headed to the feed store to pick up some chicks. Everly was so excited, we had been talking about ‘chichens’ all week.first peekso many chicksSo many to choose from! We picked four and brought them home. Our main criteria was a ‘quiet breed’ to keep the neighbors happy. Ok, color coordination might have had something to do with it too – because I’m always a little bit aware of aesthetics.chickens in a boxI think Everly forgot about the chicks by the time we got home because all she wanted to do was hold the chirping box. But then… so excited!She was so excited to hold them. That all changed once they started flapping their wings, then she was content to just pet them and watch from a safe distance. peekingShe loves her new ‘birdies’. We can’t wait for delicious fresh eggs!chick fuzzThis handsom guy was a part of the fun too. I think his fluffy hair resembles the chicks, what do you think?

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weekend recap 5/18

Have I mentioned how much I love three day weekends? This one was no exception.

We visited cousinsListened to a ton of thisLove that sweet voice!

I got brave and made my first sweater from an old sweater of my own. She’s wearing it in this video.

Jake found out that he likes loves sushi. PTL!

We prepped the garden and its all ready for planting! I’m using this book to inspire our veggie picks!This is a great book! After last years garden I had the brilliant idea of planning our garden around recipes and food ideas that we’re actually excited about. I can’t wait to make some of these!

Did I mention I love weekends? How was yours?

if it gets any sweeter than this…

I don’t wanna know
cheesy music video but great song

This was one of those weekends that was so great you never want it to end. really, who would ever want a weekend to end. But this one was that good, nothing spectacular happened, just a great mix of everything that makes a weekend wonderful. Here’s a look through the lens of my phone.

1 & 2 – Started out with a great Farmhouse Show where I browsed with friends and then again later with my mom. I came out empty handed because I am WAY too big of a cheapskate and I can’t seem to silence the little voice in the back of my head that is constantly saying I’m sure I could find that for less, or make it myself. But if I could have gotten that voice to shove it for just a second I would have bought all of these old locker baskets or this great wood propeller to hang over our bed.

3 – Friday night date night with the hubs – much needed

4 – BEAUTIFUL drive to a wonderful restaurant, a long drive together is always my idea of a great date

5 – playing with light leaks, I realize it would be a bit more exciting if the subject wasn’t my boots but practice makes perfect

6 – about the cutest connect 4 game I have ever seen while we waited for our food

7 – the best salad I have ever had

8 – The best pizza I have ever had. Fresh, local ingredients they can literally tell you where everything came from, tiny but amazing menu but everything is so incredible it doesn’t matter, wood-burning oven fun atmosphere, this is a great date! It would also be super fun in the summer with a bunch of friends, they have a bunch of outdoor seating, so worth the drive. Check it out here –  The Breadboard – and then GO! Not kidding there is no way you would regret this!

9 – while were on our date baby girl was at Mimi and Poppy’s feeding herself rice and avocados – so big!

10 – ran into a friend who had save these old lace curtains for me – my head is swimming with possibilities! I love that my friends know me – they’re perfect Laura!

 11 – the new addition to our garage and my husband continues to amaze me as the Jack of literally all trades – it came as an assemble your own and he had it up and running by the end of the day. and for those of you that are wondering, I have a complete peace about his new mode of transportation – more on that later.

12 – bathroom make-over – reveal to come next week!

13 & 14 – a morning walk to our neighborhood Starbucks and Great Harvest because they serve my favorite scones on Saturday and Sunday mornings, triple berry cream cheese, words cannot describe. it was such a beautiful morning

15 – acting like a big girl

16 – ended the weekend perfectly at a fun bbq with some of our favorite people – thanks for hosting Steph!

What were your weekend highlights?