breakfast this morning: maple frosted cinnamon rolls

Look what we came home to the other night. That’s right, this pan of delicious gooeyness just appeared on our front porch! This is of the many perks of moving into the same neighborhood as my parents. Don’t worry, this doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does…mmm!

She was originally enticed by this¬†recipe – which still looks very delicious and will hopefully be recreated in our kitchen soon – but when she saw that the base recipe came from one of our favorites, she couldn’t resist the rabbit trail. All that to say, she ended up with quite possibly the best cinnamon rolls I have tasted. The maple adds a new element that makes these irresistible. I’m not kidding, you have to make¬†these! They will not disappoint.

Bless you mom, bless you pinterest and bless you Pioneer Woman.