expanding the urban farm // welcome bees!

smokerApparently I wasn’t kidding when I called our chickens our gateway animal. This weekend we decided to add bees to the list. bee boxWith great encouragement and lots of help from our friends at My Local Honey we have been getting ready for our fist hive. Jake, Canaan and I made the trip out to a near by bee farm and picked up our starter pack which we then loaded up in the car (yes thats right, over 10.000 bees in the back of our 4runner) and brought home. getting them set upJake got straight to work loading them into their box – he was super excited. I can’t wait to harvest our very own local honey at the end of the season!

Note – I’m pretty sure after reading this post my sister-in-law might never again visit our home but don’t worry Lace, theres a bee suit here with your name on it! And we promise to share our honey!

Oh and now that the chickens are in their awkward adolescent phase they  have been promoted to the out doors. Things are really moving along over here! teenage chickensAnd if it didn’t already feel like a zoo around here, take a look at the neighborhood pet.neighborhood petThat is a peacock and it is on our house or according to Everly ‘upstairs’. He stopped by for a visit the other night while we were having friends over for dinner. Just a little meal time entertainment! Yeesh!


one fine day

My appologies for not posting on Friday. I just couldn’t bring myself to spend any more time in front of the computer! It was a GORGEOUS day! So warm and sunny, people were out, birds were singing, ahh, spring! It also happened to be Jake’s day off so we went for a little family outing downtown.Stopped into a local sweet shop, very cute!They also serve delicious cupcakes!Basked in the sun.Touched grass for the first time.Played at the Waterfront.Made silly faces.And just enjoyed our day together! See, no time for blogging! Hope you had a fabulous weekend! Lots of great things to come this week!

Oh, Jake caught the photoshop bug this weekendbaby toss posterAnd his very long list of creative talents continues to grow.

baby’s first snow day

I had plans of sharing a new banana bread recipe with you today but plans change. Today’s plan changed because…

We had a snow day! I absolutely love the snow! If it could snow all the way up until summer I would be one happy girl. Snow makes everything quiet and beautiful and I seems like life slows down for a bit. It makes me want to bundle up, sip coffee all day long, build a fire, curl up with a blanket and read. The snow is mesmerizing to me, I could just sit by a window and watch it come down for hours!snowySo pretty!

Snow day even came with a special delivery from my mom.special deliveryLiving in the same neighborhood definitely has its perks!

I got so excited about the snow that I woke the little one, bundled her up and rushed her outside for her first snow day. OK, so this isn’t technically baby’s first snow but it is the first time she has been in the snow. Don’t tell her doctor – she is still sick. I couldn’t wait to see what she thought of it! Let me tell you, thus far, she’s not a fan. Apparently snow love is not something you’re born with.

baby's first snowI guess I can see where she’s coming from. Its hard to sit up in a snow suit and snow face plants are way worse than regular face plants. We’ll work on it.

seriously mom?

really mom...really?

This weekend I’ll be working on a new banana bread recipe and hopefully I’ll have the perfect one to share with you on Monday! Have a great weekend!