easiest “bow” for baby girl and other weekend happenings

baby bow

While I was pregnant I gathered ideas and pictures of big girly bows and flowers to put on pretty, stretchy headbands for my baby girl. But once she was here they weren’t quite right. Since I never do anything else big and girly the bows just didn’t fit. And not to mention, they never stayed where I put them. The few times she did wear them, she would pull them down over her eyes making my sweet mild-tempered baby very unhappy.

So I started looking for solutions to keep my beautiful baby girl looking just girly enough without going over the top. I came up with what I think is the perfect solution. I bought some of this beautiful lace at a vintage flea market last year (it’s coming up again!). I also came across this bow idea and decided to merge the two!


Here is what you’ll need:

:: lace, fabric or anything thats small enough to stick to a baby’s head

:: scissors

:: corn syrup

:: q-tip

:: willing (or unsuspecting) child – preferably a girl

lace bow supplies

STEP ONE: cut lace or fabric into desired sections or shape – I keep a bunch of extras in my diaper bag along with a small bottle of corn syrup for bows on the go.

cut lace

STEP TWO: use q-tip to place a small amount of corn syrup onto “bow”. You want to make sure to use enough for it to stay in place but not too much that it oozes out and makes a mess in her hair.

place syrup

 STEP THREE: place bow in desired spot and hold for just a second

place lace on a sweet little head

Seriously, it’s that easy! If you used enough corn syrup it will stay until bath time. I just pour a little warm water over her head and it falls right off. So simple, so cute and no itchy headband attached!

I think she likes it! Look at those blue eyes!

i think she likes it

In other weekend news we had a Saturday breakfast surprise, measured the walls in the bathroom for a bathroom make-over and inherited this great piece of furniture from my parents! It works perfectly for a TV stand in our living room.

tv stand

I’m a little torn, the finish has definitely seen better days but I’m kind of into the natural wood look these days. What to do, what to do…

Hope you had a great weekend!