mediterranean pizza

mediterranean pizza mmm

I had every intention of doing a tutorial for homemade fabric softener but as I was writing the post last night, I realized that I don’t actually love the way it turned out. And I only plan on suggesting you try things that I actually love. I decided I need to do a little more experimenting before I share it with you. So, lets talk about something I do love.

One of our all-time favorite, go-to restaurants is a Northwest pub called McMenamins. Some of you may hate it, they are notorious for slow service, but we LOVE it. We see the slow service as an opportunity to sit an enjoy each others company without being rushed along. Each one of their restaurants has a different feel, slightly different menu and its own local charm. But what is always the same, is the locally brewed beer and the deliciously fried tots (cajun to be specific). If Jake and I are honest, we crave both, constantly.

In college there was a one within walking distance of my house and campus. And at this particular McMenamins they served a Mediterranean Pizza. This pizza was amazing! Before this pizza I wasn’t a fan of kalamata olives, red onions or feta (I know, those were dark and dismal days). I’m not really sure why I even ordered it in the first place, because like I said, I didn’t really like any of the ingredients. But the reason isn’t important, what’s important is this pizza revolutionized they way I eat. Sounds dramatic but really, it transformed my taste-buds.

pizza dough


So far, that is the only McMenamins that I have found that serves this particular pizza. Which means I absolutely needed to start making it at home. It was actually an easy, last minute dinner. I got all of my ingredients from the Trader himself and most of them are pantry items so they may be things you already have in your cupboard.

tasty ingredients

ready for the oven

Mediterranean Pizza

all of these ingredients are to-taste so exact amounts will not be included

pizza dough – Our favorite is TJ’s herbed dough. It comes in a dough ball that you roll out and cook at home. I haven’t perfected the homemade version but when I do I’ll let you know
kalamata olives
sun dried tomatoes
artichoke hearts
small red onion
feta cheese
mozzarella cheese

Pre-heat oven and pizza stone to 450 degrees. While oven is pre-heating roughly chop olives, tomatoes, artichokes and onions. Roll out dough to desired size. Once oven is heated remove pizza stone, sprinkle with flour and place rolled dough onto stone. Spread dough with pesto, sprinkle with grated mozzarella, add the rest of your toppings. At this point I like to sprinkle with a little more mozzarella just to keep all the good stuff from falling off. Bake until the crust is crisp. You may need to cover with foil toward the end so the crust continues to cook and the toppings don’t burn. The pizza usually takes about 20 minutes in our oven. When the pizza is done make sure you remove it from the stone (if it stays on the stone the bottom will continue to cook and possibly burn). Let the pizza rest for about 10 minutes – this is the hardest part, but really, if your burn your tongue now, you won’t be able to appreciate this amazing mediterranean experience – once the pizza is no longer scalding, serve with a glass of red wine and try not to eat the whole thing by yourself.

mediterranean pizza


Oh and by the way, look what is just around the corner for us.

almost crawling

Thats right, hands and knees people! Looks like we need to start baby proofing! Baby mobility is knocking on our door.