chickens – our gateway farm animal

chicks So after all getting settled in to the new place we decided the only reasonable thing to do was to get chickens – you know, since we don’t have much else going on – we thought adding 4 more living things to take care of was a good idea. Truthfully, it’s our dream to live on a farm one day with the works, cows, goats, pigs, chickens, a giant garden. If we want the dream farm we have to start somewhere. We’ve been wanting to get chickens since I found out you could have them in the city, we’ve just been waiting for the right place and now that we have one – chicken it is!on our wayWe finally had our first weekend together as a family and so we loaded up and headed to the feed store to pick up some chicks. Everly was so excited, we had been talking about ‘chichens’ all week.first peekso many chicksSo many to choose from! We picked four and brought them home. Our main criteria was a ‘quiet breed’ to keep the neighbors happy. Ok, color coordination might have had something to do with it too – because I’m always a little bit aware of aesthetics.chickens in a boxI think Everly forgot about the chicks by the time we got home because all she wanted to do was hold the chirping box. But then… so excited!She was so excited to hold them. That all changed once they started flapping their wings, then she was content to just pet them and watch from a safe distance. peekingShe loves her new ‘birdies’. We can’t wait for delicious fresh eggs!chick fuzzThis handsom guy was a part of the fun too. I think his fluffy hair resembles the chicks, what do you think?

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everly’s first birthday: those who made it great

I’ll admit, people pictures have always been a major weakness of mine. I am the person that comes home from a once in a lifetime trip with pictures of architecture and scenery on my camera and not a single photo of myself or anyone else that was there. Should have just brought home a few tourist brochures instead of lugging around a camera the whole trip! But things are much easier to photograph, they don’t move, they aren’t worried about what their hair looks like or if its their good side and an unflattering angle of a party scape is much less embarrassing than one of your pregnant chin.

Anyway, I’m working on it. So I thought I would do an entire post of photos just for the friends and family that made Everly’s first birthday so special. The following are two of my favorite family photos from the day. I love it when little moments are captured.Most of these photos are thanks to my very talented brother who was the team photographer for the day. Thanks Uncle B!

everly’s first birthday: the decor

If I do say so myself, this was a great first birthday. At first I’ll admit, I was a little overwhelmed by the responsibility planning my first child’s first birthday but after I got over the initial hump I had so much fun! Yes, this did happen two and a half months ago but as you may remember I was on a bit of a blogging hiatus. I figured there’s no reason for you to miss out on a perfectly good party just because I was out for the summer AND part of the reason I am blogging in the first place is so we can document all these great memories. I definitely did not want to skip this one

In general I’m not really big on ‘themes’. I wanted her party to be fun, colorful and just the right amount of girly so we decided to do a simple picnic in the park.
Because I couldn’t find any invitations I was in love with – and partly because I procrastinated planning until it was too late to order any – I decided to make my own and I was SO happy with how they turned out! They are also available in my shop!I set up some old folding doors my parents had in their garage to serve as a backdrop for the food tables. I really like how it defined the space and made it feel like a party rather than just a field. I kept the decor pretty simple, a few tables and crates from home, Everly’s high chair and little reading chair. The banners were made out of solid scrapbook paper with scrapbook letters and the garland hanging on the tables is made out of tulle puffs that I hope to have a tutorial up for soon.
We set up a lemonade bar which was a big hit. I set out a large pitcher of plain lemonade and had strawberry, raspberry and peach purees available for guests to mix their own drinks. I will definitely be using this ideas at future parties.
The guests had vanilla bean cupcakes with key lime frosting and Everly got her own baby birthday cake. I used the Baby’s First Birthday Cake recipe from this website because I was a little freaked out about the thought of her eating all that sugar. With a cream cheese frosting it actually turned out delicious!She was not super thrilled about being the center of attention…
But she did love her cake! What a pretty girl we can’t get enough of her!

so long summer, hello old friends

Do I even need to say its been WAY too long? I’ve written this post in my head about 3 or 4 times each week for the last month and a half. I’ve even sat down to write it a few times but I just didn’t want it to end. But fall is definitely here so I guess its time to admit I’ve been in denial. Its finally time to share all the excitement of our first summer with a little one. 1. The best summer surprise – my brother and sister-in-law moved home from Panama! We spend every possible second with these guys trying to enjoy living in the same town for as long as possible because who knows when it will happen again! 2. Uncle B and baby – she loves him.1. First pig ride 2. First piggies – we cannot get over how stinking cute they are! 3. First zoo trip, much more interested in the animal’s toys than the actual animals. 4. First teeth 5. First steps – she is SO good at walking.
1. 4th of July celebration with the cousins – I love that my cousins married people we love hanging out with and keep having babies so cute you could squeeze ’em! 2. & 3. Little’s first family birthday at Mimi and Papi’s – she is in for a life-time of amazing birthday dinners, she has no idea. 4. 5. & 6. Everly’s first birthday party! So fun to celebrate our little girl with our friends and family. 7. Our 3rd Anniversary – the annual photo. 8. So many cousin birthday parties, so many cupcakes…1. 2. & 3. Beautiful family hike – we tried to get outside as much as we possibly could, soaking up the gorgeous Northwest summer.  4. & 5. Our family LOVES fresh blueberries so blueberry picking was an important family outing. Little figured out the fastest way to eat them is to cram a whole branch in your mouth and just suck the berries off – smart girl. 6. 7. & 8. We visited Auntie Em at the Canyon where we swam and splashed to our hearts content.  9. First lake trip – so much sand.  10. & 11. Our garden went nuts this year! Everly certainly ate her fill of tomatoes, they taste best when picked right off the vine.

We had an amazing summer! Can’t wait for the next one.

all-natural teethers

Baby girl’s first two teeth are making their debut and she is taking it like a champ. For a teething baby she is handling it very well but I can still tell her teeth are bothering her. We’ve tried the cold teething rings that go in the fridge but she just doesn’t seem too interested in them. I know that the cold would sooth her gums so I started experimenting and came up with this – frozen jicama strips.

If you are not familiar with jicama – pronounced hick-a-ma – it is a root vegetable, crisp, sweet and refreshing. When frozen they are the perfect teether. It’s just barely sweet flavor keeps her attention and you can tell when she chews on them that they feel good to her sore gums. She isn’t too interested in holding them herself – too cold – but if someone will hold them for her, she is all about them! I love that they are all-natural and because they are white and mostly water they are much less messy than teething biscuits! Here’s to new teeth!

On another note – I realized I’ve been slacking when it comes to pictures of the little one! Its hard to take cute pictures of a sick kid and I am beyond ready for cold season to be over but here are a couple from Easter. Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!Happy Monday!

look what she can do!

Yep, thats how we found her yesterday morning. Still swaddled and all – determined little girl. I can’t say that I’m completely surprised seeing as this is what she does to my leg while I’m working in the kitchen. She’s growing up so fast!