you at six months

photo by Gabriela Ines

You are growing up so fast and still so petite! You are the sweetest mild mannered baby. You can play on the floor by yourself while I get things done around the house but you also love to be held by anyone who will pick you up. You are one of the most curious little ones, always observing your surroundings, nothing goes unnoticed with you. You have a very serious face you wear whenever you are exploring something new. You are captivated by other babies. When you’re hungry you throw your arms over your head and do a side stretch, when you’re tired you rub your eyes and when you get your diaper changed you giggle. You LOVE your daddy. You can be in mid-cry and when he walks in the door from work you give him the biggest toothless grin. You roll and scoot to wherever you want to go and are just starting to push up to your hands and knees. Crawling is just around the corner. You can sit up but you would much rather stand. Your voice is one of the sweetest sounds your dad and I have ever heard. Though you are often the quiet observer, when you’re alone or with just a few people you will talk and talk and talk.