diy // gilded cake toppers

gold animal cake toppers - diy guilded cake toppers | via oneyounglove.comOne of my closest friends just had her first baby and a few weeks ago I had the privilege of helping with her shower. I wanted something very boy but also creative and cute for mama. These gold animal cake toppers were a hit and I had so much fun making them for Linds.

They ended up coming together pretty quickly and they had a huge impact on the table scape. The best part is, you can make them too! Here’s how:gold animal cake toppers - materials | via*You’ll want a drill bit that is the same diameter as your skewers1. gold animal cake toppers - plastic animals | via oneyounglove.comTake each plastic animal and drill a small hole on the bottom. Drilling the holes works best if you start slowly. I would also strongly recommend you use a vice rather than your hands to hold the animal cake toppers - drill | via oneyounglove.com2. Place the skewers in each hole. If you chose the correct size drill bit you won’t need glue. If your holes ended up slightly larger than the skewers, you can add a dab before you set the skewer.
gold animal cake toppers - skewer | via oneyounglove.com3. Start spraying.

Make sure you get every angle including the skewer. If spray paint in your cake concerns you, leave about two inches of unpainted skewer at the animal cake toppers - a golden zoo | via oneyounglove.com4. Let them dry and have a party!

I love how these turned out. They are great for a birthday party or shower it doesn’t even need to be a party for kids, adults will love them animal cake toppers - cupcakes | via oneyounglove.comI think they are a fabulous mix of fun, whimsy and sophistication. The perfect special touch for your next party.

Love these little guys but don’t want to make them yourself? I’ll make them for you! Head over to my Etsy shop and order up!


baby must haves // leg warmers

baby must haves -- leg warmersWith the arrival of No. 2 I’ve been thinking a lot about what my baby must haves are. (I have also been asked quite a bit by my first time mama to-be friends so I thought I would take this opportunity to write a few posts!) In no particular order lets start .

I love baby leg warmers! I think they are adorable for both boys and girls but my favorite thing about them is they make diaper changing a breeze. Especially in the early months when it feels like all you’re doing is changing diapers they make it so much easier. No need to squeeze a giant diaper butt into tinsy little pants. Because Evie was a summer baby she lived in them. A sweater and leg warmers in on cool mornings and evenings and just a onesie during the day.Ev leg warmersMy favorite brand so far has been Baby Legs – you can usually find them for a pretty good price on baby sale sites (infact I was already doing this post today and what do you know, they’re on sale over here!) They stay up but don’t leave marks, they come in great colors and patterns for both boys and girls and they ware really well (I’ve picked a bunch up at consignment stores and they still look great).Leg warmersSo there you have it, the first on my baby must haves list. Great for your little one or to give as a gift.

just before the little guy comes

sela photographyOur friend Tara who is a wonderful photographer gifted us a family photo shoot as a shower gift. We finally got to take her up on it a few weeks ago and it was the perfect gift! Luckily we got to squeeze it in before both of our babies came! (She is due just two days before me!) She did an amazing job, Everly was less than thrilled about the shoot but you certainly can’t tell from the photos! Thanks so much Tara! AND thank you to my parents who gifted us the actual photos. We are one spoiled family!

Photos via Sela Photography _DSC0640everly 4 photosdefinitely not lacking in the facial expression department_DSC0716 _DSC1021this girl loves to knock _DSC0734_DSC1041 desert boots to match daddy_DSC1054besties_DSC1080 _DSC1115scared face

baby month

nestingbaby monthJust after Christmas it finally hit me, we’re having a baby in less than a month! I finally had to kick my pregnant mind into gear because up until that point absolutely NO preparations had taken place to welcome the little guy into our lives. So while you have experienced a bit of silence for me over the last few weeks, I can assure you it has been everything but silent over here! There has been laundry FOR DAYS, freezer meal prep, re-organizing, crafting, cleaning, more cleaning, and nesting, nesting, nesting! Yeesh! My mind has been going a thousand miles a minute But I am pretty sure we can say that we are prepared for baby number two and now all we have to do is wait. I can only assume that things will continue to be a bit quiet around these parts as we welcome baby boy home but I do have a couple of tutorials that I am pretty excited to share with you so if he decides to postpone his arrival you might get to see a few soon! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!for the boy{Felt garland will be available in my shop soon! Burp cloth tutorial found here}

sometimes you just have to laugh

our not so baby babyI was laughing to myself this morning as yet another completely ridiculous phrase left my mouth, thinking ‘only from the mouth of a mom.’ At 16 months Everly is SO funny and I am so thankful that I appreciate her antics and actually laugh about them (most of the the time out loud but only after I have made a huge effort to be really serious about my instructions to her). I never would have imagined saying things like – ‘please don’t put your book in the bath’, ‘toothbrushes, socks and toys do not belong in the garbage’, and ‘please take your sandwich out of your ear’. Believe it or not these are things that are brining me so much joy these days. Especially when I choose to see them as the blessing of comedy that they are rather than getting frustrated that she’s not acting like an adult yet.

silly girl collageSo thankful for the moments of comic relief and such a funny little girl.