if this were a pinterest christmas

This year is the first in three years that we have decorated for Christmas. Sad, I know. But there’s an explanation  the last couple of years we have made a habit of moving right before or after Christmas and I just haven’t had the motivation to un-pack all the decorations while I’m packing up the rest of our lives – seemed kind of counter productive if you ask me. Yes we did decorate this year but I’ll be honest, its minimal. We do have a beautiful tree but thats about where the decorations start. I had big dreams of lots of handmade, creative Christmas decor but with the arrival of our little guy in a month, a busy little girl, a Christmas full of handmade gifts, the start of a  surprisingly successful Etsy shop and spending time with friends – thats right, after two years of living here we finally made friends!!! – Christmas explosion took a major back seat. So instead I’ve decided to share what things would look like around here if this were the Pinterest Christmas I had thought it might be.

This mantle would be a must – though I guess we would need a mantle first…mantle{via}

Maybe some handmade ornaments
ornaments{1, 2, 3}

There would be lots of sparkleglitter globe{1, 2}

Did I mention sparkle?sparkle{1, 2}

There might be one of each of these aroundaround the house{1, 2}

Friends and family would be receiving these delicious treatstreat gifts{1, 2}

And gifts would be wrapped like thisgift wrap{1, 2}

Aren’t all these ideas so fun? This Christmas I’ve decided to focus on enjoying our growing family so these great ideas will all have to wait for now. Maybe next year I’ll start prepping for Christmas in July!


fabric feathers

I had great plans to leave you with a tutorial for the weekend, a little project to add to your Thanksgiving decor, but the shop has been more successful than I expected {thanks to all of you who have entered the giveaway and passed the word along!} So today is a ‘re-stock the shop’ day to make sure there will be plenty of collections to choose from for whoever wins the giveaway!

What I will do is direct you to the tutorial that inspired my fabric feather creations.

So check out the fabric feather tutorial at 100 Layer Cake.

When I made mine I used iron-on fabric fusing instead of a glue stick to bind the two sides together. It’s what I had laying around and it seemed less messy, I would definitely do it this way again. Feathers are everywhere right now and I think these would be the perfect touch to add to your Thanksgiving place cards or to add a special touch to hostess gifts.

Have a great weekend! There are still a few days left to enter the giveaway and there will be more products back up in the shop in a couple of days!

diy simple metallic art

I have been SLOWLY decorating our very tiny bathroom over the last few months and hit a bit of a block when it came to what I wanted to see on the walls. We are on major budget mode as we prepare for the new baby and so whatever I came up with I had to do it on the cheap. Finally as I was browsing Pinterest one day I was ‘pin-spired’ by this photo.I love the subtle sparkle the metallic adds and its so simple, it was perfect! I wanted to re-create it within the confines of the budget. It looked easy enough and there seemed to be no real artistic skill involved – my kind of art – so I went to work and here is what I came up with. 1. Supplies
frame of your choice – with or without a mat {I really love the way the mat looks}
white paper to fit frame
metallic envelope seals
metallic paint
paint brush
optional and not pictured: scissors, pen, a nickel

2. paint metallic paint on half of your envelope seals and allow to dry
this gives the variation in sheen that I really liked in the inspiration photo. you could also skip the paint and use a fine glitter to give a little texture.

*secret step – I chose to make my dots a bit smaller because I was working with a small frame. I did this by tracing a circle using a nickel on the back of my sheet of seals and then cutting each out. There is no photo of this step.

3. peel and stick your dots onto your sheet of paper, the more random the better

4. frame it and find the perfect spot for your new, very inexpensive piece of art!

I already had the frame, the dots were $1.99 and the paint was $0.97 so in total I spent less than $3! I must say I’m pretty happy with my re-creation.Don’t forget to enter this week’s giveaway!

paper hydrangea tutorial

paper hydrangeaI believe I have mentioned my fondness for inexpensive, do-it-yourself solutions – especially when it comes to decor. These flowers are a perfect example of something that is beautiful, easy to make and is extremely budget friendly. I’m a little pressed for time on this post and I’m sure you’re dying to find out how to make them so I’m just going to get right down to the how-to.

Here’s what you’ll need:you'll need:: large scalloped circle punch
:: craft paper (or paper lunch bags)
:: styrofoam ball
:: glue gun
:: twigs for stems
:: something with a point at the end (I use a knitting needle)cut circlesStart by cutting out a stack of scalloped circles. I fold my paper a couple of times so I can cut multiple circles at a time.foldTo make a “petal” take one of your circles, place the knitting needle at approximately the middle and fold loosely in half. Do not crease, just a gentle fold. Fold in half again, and again – three folds total. glueAdd a dab of glue to the point of your petal and push it into the styrofoam ball. Push it into the ball just enough for it to stick, if you push too far the ball will break. Continue to add petals until you can no longer see the styrofoam. The more randomly you add the petals, the more real your flower will look.stemOnce the flower gets to the fullness of your liking, add a dab of glue to the end of one of your twigs. Insert glued end into the middle of your flower. It should look like this when you’re doneall doneMake as many as you like for fun arrangement!

I used a bag of paper lunch bags and a bag of styrofoam balls in various sizes from the dollar store so this project ended up costing $2 for 8 flowers!closeflowers

inexpensive curtain rod solution


I love curtains and but I hate buying curtain rods! I feel like my choices are so limited, they are always more expensive that I want them to be. (I am totally cheap when it comes to home decor – I’m always thinking, ‘I could probably come up with a way to do it for less’) This brilliant idea was actually my mom’s suggestion – I’m all about giving credit where credit is due! Thanks mom! I already had the curtains and I really wanted to keep this area light, airy and a little whimsical.

Heres how you can get the look.

You’ll need
:: curtains – easiest if they have loops or very large grommets
:: fairly straight branches – one per window plus about 5 or 6 extra inches for hanging
:: gardening lopers (google says that’s what they’re called – you know, the giant cutters?)
:: sand paper
:: saw
:: screwdriver and screws you'll needStart by selecting your branches (you want them to be as straight as possible and to run the length of your window with a little extra on each side) and trim all the tiny twigs so you can slide the curtain on later. Lightly sand the trimmed branch – I liked the look of all the green moss but because these are in our kitchen I didn’t want mossy bits to be falling all over the place. Next, cut a small two small pieces off a branch you’re not using and screw into wall as a mounting mechanism. Loop curtains onto your branch before you hang them.

trim and hangFinally, screw branch into the pieces you just mounted. Step back and enjoy your practically free and very creative new curtains!favorite placeThis is currently my favorite place in the house! So bright and pretty. Every time I look at it I smile. It’s where I usually read and blog and where the little one and I eat breakfast.blueberries and riceDoesn’t her breakfast look delicious this morning? I sacrificed the last of our frozen blueberry stash form the summer for the babe. I thought her diet needed a little color. Lucky little one.first blueberries

the perfect headboard

headboard finishedWe broke the ice this weekend on the master bedroom make over! We reluctantly painted. We have a love hate relationship with painting, we love the results, we hate doing it. After some home paint mixing and a few nail biting, ‘are we going to hate this?’ moments, we ended up with a color we love. Which then inspired Jake to get to work on the headboard. Isn’t it pretty!

It is basically this headboard but since we are in a rental we wanted to make sure it was something that would be easy to move in the future. So Jake assembled it by adding three runners on the back instead of just screwing each board to the wall. It looked like this.

building headboardHe added a dark stain to get a black walnut-like look and these flat head screws for an old industrial feel.screw headCan I brag about my husband for a minute? He is a very talented wood worker and also, very good at putting up with all my requests. This is the second bed he has built us since we’ve been married and he threw this together in an afternoon! I am a one blessed girl!

I made our duvet this week but hated the way it turned out so instead of having a fabulous duvet to show you as well, I’m starting over. Hopefully I’ll be able to share it next week! I am happy with our progress on the make over so far, I’ll share more as we make more changes!

Oh, take a look at the little one’s new trick.sitting upShe is sitting up! No bribery involved!

muslin rose tutorial

muslin rose

I love having flowers around the house and I have quite the collection of vases. I use them to add pops of color or sparkle around the house. But in the middle of winter fresh flowers are hard to come by and when you do find them they get a little expensive. I never really like fake flowers, they are usually on the cheesey side and the ones that actually look real tend to cost more than I’m willing to spend. Tired of looking my sad empty vases, I decided to make my own. These muslin roses are some of my favorite to make. They cost pennies and are so easy. I’ll do my best to show you how!

Here’s what you’ll need:you'll need:: muslin
:: twigs – you’ll need one per flower
:: scissors
:: glue gunand a snackOh, and you might need a crafting snack – I sure did! Mine is a big glass of milk with ice and a scoop of the best rum fudge sauce straight from the fridge.

STEP ONE: make strips of muslin – mine are about 1 1/4″ for a 1 1/2″ diameter rose – muslin tears easily so I make tiny snips along the top of the fabric and then rip. This gives the edges a nice frayed look and it makes cutting go really fast!muslin stripsSTEP TWO: fold your strip in half and tie a knot at one endstart with a knotSTEP THREE: begin twisting your folded muslin around your knottwist and foldSTEP FOUR: tack down with a small dot of glue ever couple of twiststack with gluecontinue twisting, folding and tacking with glue until you have reached desired size – you’ll want your twists to be tighter in the center of the rose and looser as you get toward the outside

STEP FIVE: leave a tail at the end of the rose – about 1″leave a tailSTEP SIX: take a twig – your stem – cover the end in glue and insert into the center of the back of the flowerinsert stemSTEP SEVEN: begin tucking and gluing the tail around your stem to give a clean finished lookcover stemAll finished!finished rose

I used muslin scraps that I had from an old project and twigs from the back yard so this project literally cost me nothing. Make as many as you need for a pretty arrangement and enjoy beautiful flowers year round! Aren’t they pretty?

muslin roses on table

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