the perfect headboard

headboard finishedWe broke the ice this weekend on the master bedroom make over! We reluctantly painted. We have a love hate relationship with painting, we love the results, we hate doing it. After some home paint mixing and a few nail biting, ‘are we going to hate this?’ moments, we ended up with a color we love. Which then inspired Jake to get to work on the headboard. Isn’t it pretty!

It is basically this headboard but since we are in a rental we wanted to make sure it was something that would be easy to move in the future. So Jake assembled it by adding three runners on the back instead of just screwing each board to the wall. It looked like this.

building headboardHe added a dark stain to get a black walnut-like look and these flat head screws for an old industrial feel.screw headCan I brag about my husband for a minute? He is a very talented wood worker and also, very good at putting up with all my requests. This is the second bed he has built us since we’ve been married and he threw this together in an afternoon! I am a one blessed girl!

I made our duvet this week but hated the way it turned out so instead of having a fabulous duvet to show you as well, I’m starting over. Hopefully I’ll be able to share it next week! I am happy with our progress on the make over so far, I’ll share more as we make more changes!

Oh, take a look at the little one’s new trick.sitting upShe is sitting up! No bribery involved!


5 thoughts on “the perfect headboard

  1. Headboard looks great (awesome job, Jake)! Wall color looks great! And Everly happens to be greater than great; she’s GORGEOUS!!!!!!

  2. Love the headboard!!! Looks awesome, and the paint also looks great too! Yes, I also hate doing it, but love the results. I’m always like “why’d I wait so long?” 🙂

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