tiny bow ties for tiny gentlemen – tutorial

ties for twoI went to a baby shower last night for a long-time friend. She’s having twin boys! It was great to get out since a sick baby has basically had me on house arrest all week. I love making handmade gifts for showers but I was out of fabric for my go-to burp cloths and I was not about to drag my feverish baby through the chaos of our local fabric store – that place is not fun even when you’re an adult and feel great! So I had to come up with something to make out of bits of fabric I already had. Luckily, the mom-to-be had pinned something similar on pinterest so I knew they would be the perfect gift for her two little ones. They were quick and easy to make and a fun gift to give!


Thank you for making this my most popular post! If you love these bow ties but don’t want to make them yourself, let me make them for you! Visit my shop to order the little guy in your life his very own bow tie onesie! (some modifications have been made to the finished product increasing the quality for sale)AND I am hosting a giveaway for any product of your choice from the shop! {November 13th – November 19th} click here to get the details.

Now back to the tutorial:supplies

You’ll need:

:: scraps of coordinating fabric
:: plain onesie
:: two snaps per bow tie
:: needle and thread
:: scissors
:: glue gun
:: sewing machine and iron

cut one strip of fabric 9″ x 4″ and a second 2 1/2″ x 1 1/2″

taking the larger strip, face right sides together and sew along the top and one side

sew two sidesturn right side out, iron in unfinished edge and top stitch closed

while ironing, take the small strip and iron into thirds
turn and closefold one side of your long strip to the middle and tack down with a small dab of glue
fold one endfold the second side into middle and tack down – this is the back of the bow tie

turn over, pinch fabric in the middle and secure with a dot of glue

fold other side, tack in middleturn over to back, fold fabric back above and below where you glued forward and secure with glue

back to the front! attach your small, ironed strip to the middle of your tie and secure with a dot of glue

tack two sides, place small stripwrap one side around the back and secure, do the same for the last sidewrap and gluesew two snaps on the back of each bow tie and your bow tie is finished!finishedsew the remaining side of the snaps onto a onesie

If you are making more than one bow tie, you will have a bunch of snaps with no partners left over. I included the extras in the gift so they could be attached to other shirts or onesies. (and what am I going to do with a bunch of unmatched snaps?)atatched w-snapsonesie w-bow-tiesNow it’s your turn!
ready for wrappingJust for fun, I wrapped them in black paper and drew a tuxedo in chalk. So dapper.all wrapped


45 thoughts on “tiny bow ties for tiny gentlemen – tutorial

  1. Impressed! Never seen these before. My big, little man is in need of some of these! Maybe my mom will do the sewing tho 🙂

  2. Love, love love this I made it for a friend of mine, it was so easy to do and so quick! And your directions, I have to say we’re so easy to follow. And believe me I’ve followed some bad directions before. Thank you so much for this tutorial.

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  5. Such a beautiful gift! Your tutorial was amazing, my sewing skills were decidedly less so. Thank you for getting me heading in the right direction!

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  9. That is so cute! I’m a nanny for twin baby boys (10 months). I really want to make these for them, but they would rip off those bow ties so fast.

  10. These are so cute! I’m curious as to the care instructions for the bowties. Babies get messy and I’m wondering if they would keep their shape and construction if you washed them.

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  13. I have been searching for bow ties for my nephews’ (10 month old and a 2 year old) Easter outfits. Most bow ties I find are the wrong color or they don’t make them for infants. I found this tutorial while searching and decided to put a twist on it. I made them like you showed but instead of snaps, I attached an alligator clip (like you used for hair bows) to the back. They clip right on the shirt and attach to all of their dress up clothes. Thank you so much for the help! 😀

  14. these are adorable! what a wonderful idea! (psst: “gentlemen” is spelled incorrectly on your tuxedo package, just so you know).

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  16. Thank u for the tutorial I made one tonight and they are super easy. I am making more for a baby shower gift. Thanks again 😊

  17. Adorable! I’ve been searching for a bowtie for my 1 year old (he’s a ring bearer at a destination wedding) and this is the perfect solution! So glad I found you!

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  20. GREAT tutorial! Thank you for being generous and sharing. 🙂 I’m going to adapt into girl hair bows.

    Also, I’m drooling over your packaging. Your friend is so lucky!!!

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  23. Would these be infant or toddler sized? Do you have dimensions for the opposite size? Thanks. Love these. They are totally me!

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  26. Very cute! I’m planning on making these as a gift also. It may just be me having baby brain but do you sew the snaps to the onesies so the bow ties can come off or are the bow ties sewn to the onesies so they don’t come off? I’m confused why there are snaps without a match

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