homemade rice cereal

I decided while I was pregnant that I wanted to make all of Everly’s baby food. I knew I would probably stay home so I would definitely have the time and over the years it has become more and more important to me to eat foods as close to their original, unprocessed form. So I wanted to use that same line of thinking for my baby’s food. AND, I’m kind of a cheapskate sometimes.

I prepared quite a bit of fruits and veggies for the babe but I also thought it would be a good idea to make my own rice cereal. Rice cereal really isn’t that expensive but I wanted to use brown rice instead of white which was a little harder to come by and a little more expensive. Ultimately, I wanted to always have food around the house rather than getting to that dreaded day when I open up the cupboard and realize we are out of food for the baby. Making it at home ensures that there are no 6 am emergency trips to the grocery store for baby breakfast. We always have rice.

It is actually really easy, all you do is throw some rice in a food processor and run it until it becomes a fine flour. I used my mom’s vita-mix which makes light work of the grinding process. Here’s what it looks like when you’re done. brown rice flourUnlike boxed rice cereal, homemade rice cereal does need to be cooked before feeding to baby. To make it a more user-friendly food I make a large batch and freeze it. All you need is a ziplock bag and some ice cube trays. This is how I do it.

STEP ONE: Cook up a batch of rice using the rice flour you made in the food processor. I cook it on the stove top in a large pot. Start with some hot water, whisk in the flour, then I add more hot water until it reaches the consistency thats right for your little one.

STEP TWO: Let rice cool and pour into a ziplock bag. I usually put the bag inside some sort of container to keep it from spilling.fill bagSTEP THREE: seal bag and snip off one corner (better to start small if you snip too much things can get out of control)snip endSTEP FOUR: fill ice cube trays with rice cerealfill traysSTEP FIVE: tap trays on counter to eliminate air bubbles and freezeshakeSTEP SIX: once frozen pop cubes out of trays and store in labeled bag in freezerbrown rice frozenI take a few cubes out of the freezer and place them in a bowl in the fridge a meal in advance. If you aren’t planning a head they are easy to microwave from frozen. Rice can be stored for up to six months in the freezer.

*As a first food homemade rice cereal can be a little harder for a new eater to process. I started out with store-bought rice cereal and slowly switched over to the homemade version just to give her digestive tract a fighting chance. It seemed to be a pretty smooth transition.


4 thoughts on “homemade rice cereal

  1. Love this! I really enjoyed making baby food for Mateo. A couple more months and I will do the same with Alex. Something about popping the food out of the ice cube trays that is so fun as well, lol. I found it hard to find time to do it but it was worth it. Plus it saves so much money!

    I’ve actually though of making my own brown rice flour- but not for the baby- for my husband who has to eat gluten free! All the GF products are so expensive and I recently was given an old food processor that I’ve been using a lot.

    Just curious….did you mix the cereal with breast milk or just water? I remember making Mateo’s veggies and fruits runnier by adding pumped milk…but I never really did the rice cereal.

  2. p.s. FYI- Target has instant organic brown rice cereal for about $2.50. I have used to to thicken Mateo’s food as he became an independent eater so it (like applesauce, soups, etc.) wouldn’t be so runny (read: not so messy! lol)

  3. How do you get the rice into a powder? I put put it in a blender and a ninja and alot of it is still really gritty


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