baby must haves // leg warmers

baby must haves -- leg warmersWith the arrival of No. 2 I’ve been thinking a lot about what my baby must haves are. (I have also been asked quite a bit by my first time mama to-be friends so I thought I would take this opportunity to write a few posts!) In no particular order lets start .

I love baby leg warmers! I think they are adorable for both boys and girls but my favorite thing about them is they make diaper changing a breeze. Especially in the early months when it feels like all you’re doing is changing diapers they make it so much easier. No need to squeeze a giant diaper butt into tinsy little pants. Because Evie was a summer baby she lived in them. A sweater and leg warmers in on cool mornings and evenings and just a onesie during the day.Ev leg warmersMy favorite brand so far has been Baby Legs – you can usually find them for a pretty good price on baby sale sites (infact I was already doing this post today and what do you know, they’re on sale over here!) They stay up but don’t leave marks, they come in great colors and patterns for both boys and girls and they ware really well (I’ve picked a bunch up at consignment stores and they still look great).Leg warmersSo there you have it, the first on my baby must haves list. Great for your little one or to give as a gift.


my handsome little model

little man navyThat’s right, after a long three months of nothingness the shop has been re-stocked! I have some new collections that I think are super cute. To make it even better, I now have a very handsome little model to show off the new looks! Click here to head over and check them out!grey pattern navy chev mustard - close

perfectly cooked brown rice

brown riceTrue confession – I can’t cook rice. I consider myself a fairly good cook, I’m pretty adventurous with recipes and there is not a lot in the world of food that intimidates me, except for rice. I know it sounds crazy because its one of the most basic kitchen recipes, people cook rice over open fires in the wilderness for heaven’s sake! I never get it right, even in the rice cooker! Seriously, it’s an entire appliance dedicated to cooking rice perfectly and no amount of manual reading or practice has ever kept me from completely screwing it up. The rice either ends up under cooked or all the grains explode and it gets mushy. I constantly avoid dishes that are served over rice. Unless I have pre cooked rice on hand (thank you Trader Joes) there is no rice eating in our house.

After a ton of searching and trial and error I finally came across the perfect way to cook brown rice. So here we go:

You’ll need four cups of water for every one cup of brown rice.

Using a strainer rinse your rice under running water for about 30 seconds. In a large pot bring water to a boil over high heat. Once water is at a rolling boil add rice, stir once and reduce to medium heat while still keeping water at a boil. Boil rice uncovered for 30 minutes. Drain rice in a strainer over the sink. Let rice sit in strainer for a few seconds to make sure all the water is drained. Return rice to pot – off heat – and immediately cover with a tight fitting lid or foil – you want to make sure no steam can escape. Let rice steam for 10 minutes, remove lid, fluff with fork, salt to taste and enjoy your perfectly cooked brown rice.

Bring on the rice recipes!

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chickens – our gateway farm animal

chicks So after all getting settled in to the new place we decided the only reasonable thing to do was to get chickens – you know, since we don’t have much else going on – we thought adding 4 more living things to take care of was a good idea. Truthfully, it’s our dream to live on a farm one day with the works, cows, goats, pigs, chickens, a giant garden. If we want the dream farm we have to start somewhere. We’ve been wanting to get chickens since I found out you could have them in the city, we’ve just been waiting for the right place and now that we have one – chicken it is!on our wayWe finally had our first weekend together as a family and so we loaded up and headed to the feed store to pick up some chicks. Everly was so excited, we had been talking about ‘chichens’ all week.first peekso many chicksSo many to choose from! We picked four and brought them home. Our main criteria was a ‘quiet breed’ to keep the neighbors happy. Ok, color coordination might have had something to do with it too – because I’m always a little bit aware of aesthetics.chickens in a boxI think Everly forgot about the chicks by the time we got home because all she wanted to do was hold the chirping box. But then… so excited!She was so excited to hold them. That all changed once they started flapping their wings, then she was content to just pet them and watch from a safe distance. peekingShe loves her new ‘birdies’. We can’t wait for delicious fresh eggs!chick fuzzThis handsom guy was a part of the fun too. I think his fluffy hair resembles the chicks, what do you think?

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Life as of late has been sweet.jammie love

It has also been chaotic, exhausting, full of laughter and tears, a little scary, so exciting and it hasn’t slowed down. Not for a single second and we are loving it. My camera has been pushed to the side, replaced by my phone and we have been living off the stock of freezer dinners that I made before the chaos began.

Here’s a little insight: The day before Canaan was born we got the keys to our new place. A mid-century ranch-style home that was desperately in need of someone to bring it into this decade. So, for the last two months not only have we been learning how to be a family of four, we have also been demoing, designing, painting and constructing our little hearts out. Praise the Lord for all of our willing and very helpful friends and family! I can’t wait to show you pictures, this place has come a long way! We are finally all moved in and while there is still so much work to do, it feels like home. In fact its only been two weeks it feels more like home than any other place we’ve lived. I love it!

There are pictures to come but for now, happy weekend!

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just before the little guy comes

sela photographyOur friend Tara who is a wonderful photographer gifted us a family photo shoot as a shower gift. We finally got to take her up on it a few weeks ago and it was the perfect gift! Luckily we got to squeeze it in before both of our babies came! (She is due just two days before me!) She did an amazing job, Everly was less than thrilled about the shoot but you certainly can’t tell from the photos! Thanks so much Tara! AND thank you to my parents who gifted us the actual photos. We are one spoiled family!

Photos via Sela Photography _DSC0640everly 4 photosdefinitely not lacking in the facial expression department_DSC0716 _DSC1021this girl loves to knock _DSC0734_DSC1041 desert boots to match daddy_DSC1054besties_DSC1080 _DSC1115scared face