perfectly cooked brown rice

brown riceTrue confession – I can’t cook rice. I consider myself a fairly good cook, I’m pretty adventurous with recipes and there is not a lot in the world of food that intimidates me, except for rice. I know it sounds crazy because its one of the most basic kitchen recipes, people cook rice over open fires in the wilderness for heaven’s sake! I never get it right, even in the rice cooker! Seriously, it’s an entire appliance dedicated to cooking rice perfectly and no amount of manual reading or practice has ever kept me from completely screwing it up. The rice either ends up under cooked or all the grains explode and it gets mushy. I constantly avoid dishes that are served over rice. Unless I have pre cooked rice on hand (thank you Trader Joes) there is no rice eating in our house.

After a ton of searching and trial and error I finally came across the perfect way to cook brown rice. So here we go:

You’ll need four cups of water for every one cup of brown rice.

Using a strainer rinse your rice under running water for about 30 seconds. In a large pot bring water to a boil over high heat. Once water is at a rolling boil add rice, stir once and reduce to medium heat while still keeping water at a boil. Boil rice uncovered for 30 minutes. Drain rice in a strainer over the sink. Let rice sit in strainer for a few seconds to make sure all the water is drained. Return rice to pot – off heat – and immediately cover with a tight fitting lid or foil – you want to make sure no steam can escape. Let rice steam for 10 minutes, remove lid, fluff with fork, salt to taste and enjoy your perfectly cooked brown rice.

Bring on the rice recipes!

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