if this were a pinterest christmas

This year is the first in three years that we have decorated for Christmas. Sad, I know. But there’s an explanation  the last couple of years we have made a habit of moving right before or after Christmas and I just haven’t had the motivation to un-pack all the decorations while I’m packing up the rest of our lives – seemed kind of counter productive if you ask me. Yes we did decorate this year but I’ll be honest, its minimal. We do have a beautiful tree but thats about where the decorations start. I had big dreams of lots of handmade, creative Christmas decor but with the arrival of our little guy in a month, a busy little girl, a Christmas full of handmade gifts, the start of a  surprisingly successful Etsy shop and spending time with friends – thats right, after two years of living here we finally made friends!!! – Christmas explosion took a major back seat. So instead I’ve decided to share what things would look like around here if this were the Pinterest Christmas I had thought it might be.

This mantle would be a must – though I guess we would need a mantle first…mantle{via}

Maybe some handmade ornaments
ornaments{1, 2, 3}

There would be lots of sparkleglitter globe{1, 2}

Did I mention sparkle?sparkle{1, 2}

There might be one of each of these aroundaround the house{1, 2}

Friends and family would be receiving these delicious treatstreat gifts{1, 2}

And gifts would be wrapped like thisgift wrap{1, 2}

Aren’t all these ideas so fun? This Christmas I’ve decided to focus on enjoying our growing family so these great ideas will all have to wait for now. Maybe next year I’ll start prepping for Christmas in July!



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