if you read one christmas story this year, make it this one

cosmic christmasThe Christmas season is in full swing and our house has definitely been hit. But before I post about any of the decorations or gift ideas (who knows if I’ll even get to all of that anyway!) I want to make sure I share this Christmas book with you. Unfortunately, I think growing up in the church allowed the Christmas story to become dull to me. Maybe it was the fact that it was never presented in a way that children could fully understand. Maybe it was because as a child even if it was presented well, the idea of a child being born to a young girl to be a Savior to all would have gone right over my head. Or maybe it was because I heard the same story over and over each year allowing it to become routine. Whatever the reason – though it’s embarrassing and pains me to be honest – the greatest story of all time has always seemed like just another story to me. But a good friend of mine lent me Cosmic Christmas by Max Lucado a few years ago and all that has completely changed.

While this is a fictional book and it is the authors ideas about what was going on – seen and unseen – during the time of Jesus’ birth it brings a realness to the story that I desperately needed. Christ’s birth is real. It is something that actually happened and real people were actually there to experience it. I am sad that it has taken me this long to begin to understand the weight that is the Christmas story but the first time I read it my heart came alive. I look forward to reading this book every year and my excitement about Christmas has shifted from Christmas songs, decorations and gifts to remembering the great gift of Jesus.

The reading of this book during the Christmas season is something I plan on making a tradition for our family. It’s fairly short and would be great to read over a few nights as a family bed time story. And if you read one Christmas book this year I would highly recommend that it be this one.

Merry Christmas Season to all of you!


2 thoughts on “if you read one christmas story this year, make it this one

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  2. I could not find Cosmic Christmas on Kindle or ibooks and discovered the same work is also titled “An Angels Story”. I started reading it this morning. Its wonderful!


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