sometimes you just have to laugh

our not so baby babyI was laughing to myself this morning as yet another completely ridiculous phrase left my mouth, thinking ‘only from the mouth of a mom.’ At 16 months Everly is SO funny and I am so thankful that I appreciate her antics and actually laugh about them (most of the the time out loud but only after I have made a huge effort to be really serious about my instructions to her). I never would have imagined saying things like – ‘please don’t put your book in the bath’, ‘toothbrushes, socks and toys do not belong in the garbage’, and ‘please take your sandwich out of your ear’. Believe it or not these are things that are brining me so much joy these days. Especially when I choose to see them as the blessing of comedy that they are rather than getting frustrated that she’s not acting like an adult yet.

silly girl collageSo thankful for the moments of comic relief and such a funny little girl.


5 thoughts on “sometimes you just have to laugh

  1. Hi Hilary!! Love your post about Everly – You are a wise mama to laugh at her shenanigans! The baby days pass too fast and are too much fun to squander. Blessings!! Kathy

  2. Hi Hilary I love your site… I will recommend it to every mother to be, to every mother/babies relationship and to those willing to teach mothers.


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