fabric feathers

I had great plans to leave you with a tutorial for the weekend, a little project to add to your Thanksgiving decor, but the shop has been more successful than I expected {thanks to all of you who have entered the giveaway and passed the word along!} So today is a ‘re-stock the shop’ day to make sure there will be plenty of collections to choose from for whoever wins the giveaway!

What I will do is direct you to the tutorial that inspired my fabric feather creations.

So check out the fabric feather tutorial at 100 Layer Cake.

When I made mine I used iron-on fabric fusing instead of a glue stick to bind the two sides together. It’s what I had laying around and it seemed less messy, I would definitely do it this way again. Feathers are everywhere right now and I think these would be the perfect touch to add to your Thanksgiving place cards or to add a special touch to hostess gifts.

Have a great weekend! There are still a few days left to enter the giveaway and there will be more products back up in the shop in a couple of days!



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