diy simple metallic art

I have been SLOWLY decorating our very tiny bathroom over the last few months and hit a bit of a block when it came to what I wanted to see on the walls. We are on major budget mode as we prepare for the new baby and so whatever I came up with I had to do it on the cheap. Finally as I was browsing Pinterest one day I was ‘pin-spired’ by this photo.I love the subtle sparkle the metallic adds and its so simple, it was perfect! I wanted to re-create it within the confines of the budget. It looked easy enough and there seemed to be no real artistic skill involved – my kind of art – so I went to work and here is what I came up with. 1. Supplies
frame of your choice – with or without a mat {I really love the way the mat looks}
white paper to fit frame
metallic envelope seals
metallic paint
paint brush
optional and not pictured: scissors, pen, a nickel

2. paint metallic paint on half of your envelope seals and allow to dry
this gives the variation in sheen that I really liked in the inspiration photo. you could also skip the paint and use a fine glitter to give a little texture.

*secret step – I chose to make my dots a bit smaller because I was working with a small frame. I did this by tracing a circle using a nickel on the back of my sheet of seals and then cutting each out. There is no photo of this step.

3. peel and stick your dots onto your sheet of paper, the more random the better

4. frame it and find the perfect spot for your new, very inexpensive piece of art!

I already had the frame, the dots were $1.99 and the paint was $0.97 so in total I spent less than $3! I must say I’m pretty happy with my re-creation.Don’t forget to enter this week’s giveaway!


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