everly’s first birthday: those who made it great

I’ll admit, people pictures have always been a major weakness of mine. I am the person that comes home from a once in a lifetime trip with pictures of architecture and scenery on my camera and not a single photo of myself or anyone else that was there. Should have just brought home a few tourist brochures instead of lugging around a camera the whole trip! But things are much easier to photograph, they don’t move, they aren’t worried about what their hair looks like or if its their good side and an unflattering angle of a party scape is much less embarrassing than one of your pregnant chin.

Anyway, I’m working on it. So I thought I would do an entire post of photos just for the friends and family that made Everly’s first birthday so special. The following are two of my favorite family photos from the day. I love it when little moments are captured.Most of these photos are thanks to my very talented brother who was the team photographer for the day. Thanks Uncle B!


3 thoughts on “everly’s first birthday: those who made it great

  1. Hilary, I stumbled upon your blog and just wanted to pay you a compliment (because random comments on my blog always brighten my day!). You’ve done a great job laying out this design, your pictures are beautiful (what do you use to edit them?), your daughter is gorgeous, and you’ve certainly inspired me to craft a little more. I hope you’re having a wonderful, God-filled day!
    Love, Katie

    • Thanks for all your kind words Katie! I use Photoshop to edit my photos and I have created a few of my own clipping mask templates that I use for my collages. I use a lot of actions when editing my photos the sets I use most are Pioneer Woman’s free Photoshop actions as well as a handful of sets from the Florabella Collection (which aren’t free but are absolutely amazing!) Hope that helps!

  2. Beautiful party. Did you make her wonderful headband? If so, is there a tutorial? I’m in love with it. My own baby girl turns one next week.


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