you at ten months

You have grown so much but you’re still so tiny! Weighing in at just over 15 pounds you are still our little pipsqueak. You have two adorable bottom teeth that you love getting brushed – lots of giggles – and your blond hair is getting so long! You look just like your daddy especially when you’re tired but you and your mommy’s baby pictures look like the same baby. Your big blue eyes are gorgeous and you have the sweetest smiles. You are so pretty!You are everywhere! You crawl so fast, especially when you see something you want. You are pulling up on everything and standing so well, until we try to get you to stand on your own, then, noodle legs. You are cruising along which is why we think you would be so good at walking if you just tried it!You still don’t like when anyone touches your hands and don’t even think about making you touch anything else, you will do it on your own. We have tried for months to get you to clap knowing that it would be your new favorite trick after much resistance you finally tried it the other day, very uncoordinated at first but you’re getting better and just as we thought, you can’t get enough.  You’re also great at waving and pointing.You love bath time, doggies and helping mom unload the dishwasher.Cheerios are your favorite snack.You LOVE blocks. They have been your favorite toy for about a month now and you almost always have one in hand as you crawl around the house. Night time diaper and jammies is the highlight of yours and your daddy’s day. You think he’s really funny! Your sweet babbling sounds like you’re having a real conversation with us and there are even a few words that we understand. ‘Mama-mama’ when you’re tired, ‘Daddy’ all the time because you love him (you skipped dada and went straight to daddy – smart little girl) and ‘doggie’ every time you see one. You absolutely love being outside, the windier and rainier the better – you are definitely an Oregonian.You’re still a very sweet and very easy-going little one but you are starting to figure out what you do and don’t like to do. And there may be a bit of sass showing up – are we surprised? Don’t worry, your mom is really good at dealing with sassiness since your mom can be pretty sassy herself. You’re just starting to think that snuggling might not be as bad as you thought it was a few months ago – we love that! You just took your first passport picture and believe it or not you even smiled! Keep that one as long as you can!


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