weekend recap 5/18

Have I mentioned how much I love three day weekends? This one was no exception.

We visited cousinsListened to a ton of thisLove that sweet voice!

I got brave and made my first sweater from an old sweater of my own. She’s wearing it in this video.

Jake found out that he likes loves sushi. PTL!

We prepped the garden and its all ready for planting! I’m using this book to inspire our veggie picks!This is a great book! After last years garden I had the brilliant idea of planning our garden around recipes and food ideas that we’re actually excited about. I can’t wait to make some of these!

Did I mention I love weekends? How was yours?


One thought on “weekend recap 5/18

  1. I love her sweater! I was going to ask you where you found it, but I should have known….you made it!


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