if it gets any sweeter than this…

I don’t wanna know
cheesy music video but great song

This was one of those weekends that was so great you never want it to end. really, who would ever want a weekend to end. But this one was that good, nothing spectacular happened, just a great mix of everything that makes a weekend wonderful. Here’s a look through the lens of my phone.

1 & 2 – Started out with a great Farmhouse Show where I browsed with friends and then again later with my mom. I came out empty handed because I am WAY too big of a cheapskate and I can’t seem to silence the little voice in the back of my head that is constantly saying I’m sure I could find that for less, or make it myself. But if I could have gotten that voice to shove it for just a second I would have bought all of these old locker baskets or this great wood propeller to hang over our bed.

3 – Friday night date night with the hubs – much needed

4 – BEAUTIFUL drive to a wonderful restaurant, a long drive together is always my idea of a great date

5 – playing with light leaks, I realize it would be a bit more exciting if the subject wasn’t my boots but practice makes perfect

6 – about the cutest connect 4 game I have ever seen while we waited for our food

7 – the best salad I have ever had

8 – The best pizza I have ever had. Fresh, local ingredients they can literally tell you where everything came from, tiny but amazing menu but everything is so incredible it doesn’t matter, wood-burning oven fun atmosphere, this is a great date! It would also be super fun in the summer with a bunch of friends, they have a bunch of outdoor seating, so worth the drive. Check it out here –  The Breadboard – and then GO! Not kidding there is no way you would regret this!

9 – while were on our date baby girl was at Mimi and Poppy’s feeding herself rice and avocados – so big!

10 – ran into a friend who had save these old lace curtains for me – my head is swimming with possibilities! I love that my friends know me – they’re perfect Laura!

 11 – the new addition to our garage and my husband continues to amaze me as the Jack of literally all trades – it came as an assemble your own and he had it up and running by the end of the day. and for those of you that are wondering, I have a complete peace about his new mode of transportation – more on that later.

12 – bathroom make-over – reveal to come next week!

13 & 14 – a morning walk to our neighborhood Starbucks and Great Harvest because they serve my favorite scones on Saturday and Sunday mornings, triple berry cream cheese, words cannot describe. it was such a beautiful morning

15 – acting like a big girl

16 – ended the weekend perfectly at a fun bbq with some of our favorite people – thanks for hosting Steph!

What were your weekend highlights?


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