where I’ve been

So its been a couple of weeks since I’ve been around. Don’t worry, I’m here, still blogging, not planning on quitting anytime soon! But I do think my disappearance should come with an explanation. I had big plans for a handful of blog posts about packing with a nine month old, a tutorial for handy fabric bags to keep all the suitcases organized, you get the point. That clearly didn’t happen. In fact, half way through the week I started laughing at myself for thinking that I would have time to do all that AND pack for our first plane ride with the babe. So no posts.

I also had plans of blogging from California. Keeping track of all that we were doing with lots of pictures everyday. Again, I now see the humor in that thought as well. Seeing as we had NO extra space in any of our luggage, the computer stayed home. And I’m so glad it did because our days were full and by the time we got home each night I was so exhausted I couldn’t see straight let alone formulate an intelligent thought. So again, no posts.

And finally, just before we took off on our trip I read this post from one of the blogs I follow. I was completely convicted. I am 100% sure that I was created to create. I feel an overwhelming sense of joy when I am able to be creative and make something beautiful and useful out of little and I am loving blogging about it! It keeps me motivated to follow through with all the ideas I have as well as pushes me to document some of our family memories. But Molly’s distinction between the circumstances that these gifts are pleasing to the Lord and edifying to my life and when they can become consuming were right on. I felt consumed by the internet, blogging, pinning, keeping up on others blogs, these things were taking over the quiet moments that are few and far between in motherhood and I needed a break. I needed to take some time to allow the Lord to regain his proper place in my life, my number one priority.  While I don’t feel like I have everything figured out in one weeks time, I do know that the break gave me a chance to evaluate where I’m spending my time and how that is affecting my life. And what I’ve learned is that I need to be careful to not let my gifts and the things that bring me joy become my joy. Because created thing will never bring the kind of joy the true Creator can. The break was wonderful and so much needed!

I tend to run on clear expectations. When expectations are clear it eliminates a lot of unnecessary stress. So in effort to keep everything in its proper place I am committing to post twice a week. Some weeks it may be more and that is my gift to you but I am letting myself off the hook and keeping this blog in its place as an avenue to remember and be creative, not to take over my life and time. So you might be seeing less of me around here for a while but I will be here twice each week and now we are all on the same page as to why. Thanks for hangin’ in there with me! Here’s to keeping things in balance!



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