a little dose of our reality

I really don’t intend for this to turn into a place for me to publicly complain about cold season and being sick for what feels like forever. That being said, baby girl and I are finally starting to come out of yet another cold fog. In fact, this morning the little one gave me the best gift a little girl could give her sick mom, a full 12 hours of sleep! It was glorious!

And then I looked around…this is what I saw…For those of you who were going to say something along the lines of this isn’t that bad – please note that 20 minutes into picking up I realized I should be documenting this. These are the ‘after’ pictures.
One day I will actually decorate her room the way it was in our old apartment – it is still my favorite room I have ever done! But for now, nothing on the peachy walls and a far cry from what I intend it to look like. And below you can see the pile of clothes I’m about to sort through to find the clothing items with the least amount of snot and slobber on them so I can get dressed for the day.Yes that is me sporting Uggs, a hoodie and a mom bun – classy. What else am I supposed to do with hair that hasn’t been washed in three days. Since And since I’m being real, I have to leave the house today and that three day un-washed hair is getting trumped by washing diapers. I dream of one day living somewhere that I have enough hot water to take a shower and do laundry with in the same eight hours. So if you see me out today, fair warning, keep your distance. Praise the Lord for dry shampoo – for those of you who don’t have babies, don’t judge, for those that do can I get an Amen!

My apologies for the poor pictures, I figured I should probably spend my time picking up this mess rather than editing fancy photos!


5 thoughts on “a little dose of our reality

  1. thank you. glad I’m not alone 🙂 get better so we can have you over for dinner on Friday! it’s homemade pizza night!

  2. AMEN. Almost a carbon copy of what our house looks like (and, as a matter of fact, if you switch the shorts for PJ pants, a copy of what I look like, too)!!

  3. Amen sista! A sick little one and a husband working out of town = not enough showers and too many messes to keep up with. THANK YOU for keepin’ it real!!

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