make your own coordinating glass jars

Not too long ago I started saving glass jars. Instead of throwing them away when they are empty I just remove the label, wash them and store them to use for later. I didn’t think I was throwing away so much glass but in just a short time I have a whole hutch full of sparkly glass jars and bottles. I store them with the lids off so they have the chance to air out and so they all match. I keep all of the lids in that pretty box on one of the shelves.Most of the time the lids are plain black, gold or silver which is great for re-using. But every once in a while I end up with lids like this:Yikes! Clearly not great to use around the house. Here’s my solution for cute coordinating jars.

Begin by priming the lids with a spray paint that is formulated to stick to metal or plastic – this is my go-to favorite primer for almost all of my projects. You’ll need your primed lids, a couple of small paint brushes in various size and shapes, painters tape and acrylic paint in any color you want. Take your primed lid and get creative! Paint whatever designs you like! It really is simple.

I like to use the same color and mix patterns to create a coordinating set with a little bit of variety.I love the way they look! I use these to organize all the little things around the house that tend to clutter up drawers or baskets. In my new jars these everyday items are ready to be displayed!


6 thoughts on “make your own coordinating glass jars

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