finally, a meal plan!

A few weeks ago I had a heartfelt post that ended with the goal of being intentional about planning – meal plans, cleaning plans, etc. – truthfully, there hasn’t been very much of that going on here. Lots of other things have come up that have taken my attention, I’ve thought quite a bit about planning but haven’t actually sat down to do any. So I was very relived when my friend Colleen featured a great meal planning resource on her blog the other day.

Let me tell you this little gem is too good to keep to myself! It’s a feature from The Everygirl blog called ‘Dinners are Served’. It is a meal plan that features 5 dinners for two for under $50 – their prices are based on Trader Joe’s which is perfect for us! They include a list of what you should already have in your pantry as well as a shopping list. I decided to try it out this week so yesterday I headed to TJ’s equipped with my printed shopping list. It was so easy! The list includes prices for each item and they were almost right on. I decided to double the amount of meat listed in hopes that a little extra would make leftovers for lunches the next day. Even still, I had a few of the shopping list items on hand so I still spent under $50 for a weeks worth of dinners and a few lunches!

This is what was for dinner last night.It was delicious! I tweaked the sauce a little but Jake and I loved it. I didn’t dread making dinner because I knew exactly what we were having and I knew we had all the ingredients. Speaking of ingredients, they even include a picture of all of the ingredients.I love this because I am definitely a visual learner! The plan includes five dinner ideas, a list of items you should have on hand, a shopping list and all the recipes. You can download the pdf version here or find it on the blog here.

I’ll let you know how it goes but so far, I’m hooked!


5 thoughts on “finally, a meal plan!

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