ahhh – that’s better

Two wonderful things in the news today, make that three. News at our house that is, not TV/Newspaper news

Thing One – and possibly the most exciting to me – my sister and mom cleaned my house as an early birthday gift! I had no idea what a gift that would be! Ev and I left the house, came back two hours later and it was so sparkly! I could smell the amazing scent of my Mrs. Meyers cleaning products from the garage – my favorite is the lavender scent!

Thing Two – After a trip to the doctor this morning baby girl is officially ear infection free! Hallelujah PTL! After just over a month of owie ears from an infection we have officially transitioned to owie ears due to teething – yes, there are two pearly whites trying to peak their way through those little gums.

And finally – Thing Three – I have been really excited about this project and it is officially done!I constantly have projects and to-do lists swirling around in my head. I’m not usually one for writing things down but I am starting to find that mom-brain mixed with crazy creative-brain is not going as well as I had hoped. I needed a place for all the lists outside of my brain.My “office/craft room” needed a little splash of something as well. So I put together this giant chalkboard. We found this frame at a thrift store in town and used it empty in our last apartment but I thought it was the perfect size for all my lists! I absolutely love the way it turned out and my brain feels like it can breath again!


2 thoughts on “ahhh – that’s better

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