nothin like a little slice of failure on a tuesday morning

It has been handmade gift central for the last week. I have been diligently sewing and crafting every spare moment but I have to wait to show you the fruits of my labor until the gifts have been gifted. I hate ruining surprises! Worry not, I have been carefully recording everything and will have a few new tutorials coming up! I’m very excited!

With all the hard work and nothing to show for it I almost didn’t post today but I thought, I can whip something up for the sake of the blog. So I decided to quickly throw something together. We have a few up-coming trips in the works and I am trying to think ahead to things we will need to travel with the babe, one of which is a wipeable bib. We use regular cotton bibs at home but while we are out I won’t want to be lugging around a pile of dirty bibs. So I need one that I can just wipe down and use again. I understand I can just go out and buy one but why buy one when I can make a cuter one? failed bibThis was the result. Fail! It’s OK, I know where I went wrong and I’m not giving up. I just wanted to share this with you so we’re all clear that not everything I touch turns to gold and that I’m mostly making this stuff up as I go along. Rest assured that when I do figure it out I will share with you the step-by-step.

On a completely unrelated note: Does anyone else’s baby wake up like this?toga partyI don’t get it. It doesn’t matter if her jammies are too big, too small or just right, three out of five times she wakes up one arm is loose. Is she throwing a secret toga party in her crib and not inviting me or is she just being stylish? Who knows. Oh the quandaries of motherhood.toga babyThis is her new cheesy smile. Get a load of those gums! What a ham.


One thought on “nothin like a little slice of failure on a tuesday morning

  1. I still believe that everything you touch turns to gold! I’m loving your blog! and oh those gummy smiles are just the best! She is one cute little girl!



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