weekend wrap up

We’re keeping it light today because tomorrow is going to be a doosey!

I was pretty happy with the fact that baby girl made it to her seventh month before getting sick. I was sure that my decision to refrain from obsessively sanitizing all things that she came into contact with was building her a champion of an immune system. Oh, her pacifier fell on the floor? No big deal, just pop it back in! While it may be true that she has a solid immune system we did finally get hit with the bug. I feel like we’ve been sick for weeks! She gets sick, I get sick, I get sick, she gets sick, its a nasty cycle. But I think we’re finally on the up swing. PTL! I am starting to get a bad case of cabin fever, a hermits lifestyle is not for me!

A few snapshots from the weekend:

weekendJake loves to put hats and glasses on the littlest one. His current favorite look: the eight dwarf. 

We were able to crawl out from under the mountain of kleenex and go for a little family walk.

Would you look at that hair! Its finally growing! Over her ears!

serger messAfter about an hour of both Jake and I working at it, the serger is finally back up and running! Can you tell I’m new at this? What with the google searching and the scouring of the manual and all?  Turns out, all you need to do is learn how to thread it right and it works like a champ! Times like this make me wish my Aunt Tammy didn’t live all the way across the country.ottoman to beWe were lucky enough to stumble upon the last honest Goodwill. Where things are actually still Goodwill prices. Here was the big $9.99 find! This guy is going to get an ottoman makeover and replace our baby-hurting coffee table.

AND to finish off the weekend, a surprise phone call from Panama!

love them

thank you for letting me use your fancy computer while you're away-please forgive me for stealing one of you pictures and posting it on the internet-but you have to admit, you two are pretty cute

Love them!

Hope you all had a happy weekend!


2 thoughts on “weekend wrap up

  1. I think she looks SO MUCH like Jake! Love that sweet baby! I can see the vision… your ottoman-table is going to be awesome! There aren’t really any good thrift stores here in Dumas, but there are some great Antique stores in Amarillo that I *need* to visit! 🙂 Looking forward to tomorrow’s doosey of a blog!


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