a series of unrelated events

Today there is no theme to the post, just a bunch of unrelated thoughts which have absolutely nothing to do with each other. To sum it up these are snapshots of the happenings around here.

We’ll start off with the sad news, I had to buy my first pound of coffee this weekend. First purchased pound ever. Since I can’t remember the last day I went without coffee and I usually brew it at home, you may not believe me. I tell the truth. I worked at Starbucks for just over eight years – yikes! As part of our employee benefits we got a free pound of coffee a week. Before working at the Bux I lived with my parents and drank their coffee. Having the foresight that I would likely stay home after Everly was born, I started stock piling the free coffee. And now, sadly, it has come to an end. We polished off the last one the other day and I had to go out and buy coffee *sniff*. But I’m viewing this as an oppotunity to branch out in my coffee drinking and try new roasters – hopefully a bit more local – this one has always been a family favorite. If you’re ever passing through Sisters, Oregon you really should stop in for a cup.

coffeeI used the muslin rose tutorial to transform this sweater.

cardigan beforeIt now looks like this. My new favorite! I removed the lime green flower and added to snaps to the back of a  medium sized rose to make this sweater fit in with the rest of baby girls wardrobe.new cardigan LOVE!

This was her last happy moment of the night, about a half hour later she came down with a cold. Fever and all, we were up all night. Poor thing.

This is currently my favorite picture of the babe. Isn’t she prettyeverly BWThese guys are almost ready to become a part of some delicious bread. I’ve been keeping an eye on them for the last week!

bananasI finally changed my calendar…it no longer says March. I know what you’re thinking “she probably means it no longer says January, March is next month.” Nope, I mean March, I almost went a year without changing my calendar…don’t worry, its all up here (tapping my head with my index finger).february calendarOh and those tiny hearts are the extent of our Valentines Day acknowledgement around here. I’m really not a fan of the holiday, not in a bitter way, just in an I could live with out it way. I know there are a lot of you that love Love Day and I’m not about to rain on anyone’s parade. Instead of celebrating Valentines Day we have already gone one two baby-less dates this month! Both of which were uncrowded, delightfully spontaneous and plenty meaningful.

Since I’m not a total scrooge, I’ll wrap up this string of thoughts with a few cute ideas that make me consider celebrating Valentines someday.valentines cardv-day cupcakesv-day breakfastspread the loveOk, I’m warming up to it. Have a happy heart day!


2 thoughts on “a series of unrelated events

  1. That’s funny cuz I’m at The Bucks right now reading your post! I was wondering when you were going to change that calendar… I like the new flower better too… That’s a beautiful baby pic…hope you are planning on sharing the banana bread. Thanks for starting my day off with a smile!


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