our bedroom to-be

Jake had his first normal work week last week which means we had our first three-day-weekend in our new place! To gain a little perspective, we are project people. We like where we live to feel like home and so as you can imagine, our to-do list is very long. Most of the projects on the list have been on hold due to long weeks and short weekends but this weekend we made a game plan. Our bedroom looks a little like this right now, embarrassing to say the least.bedroom beforeDoes anyone else notice the stock pile of earplugs on my husbands side of the bed? He was prepared for sleep training!

So we put our heads together and came up with a plan. To say I’m excited about it is an understatement.

We’ll start off with a slight variation of this color


Jake is going to make us this headboard – hopefully out of a black walnut – and maybe just a bit tallerheadboradI bought sheets this weekend to make this duvet cover using this tutorial

west elm duvetI would love to find this striped fabric like these West Elm sheets for throw pillows

throw pillows

photo by colleen of dashingpearl.blogspot.com

I love this wall art for above the bed

A pair of lamps this color
turquoise lampI’m keeping my eye out for an old coffee table to make this tufted benchtufted benchAnd there will definitely be some homemade mercury glass for a little shine – by the way, I love the galvanized “mirror” behind the candles to reflect light.mercury glass

I’m trying to keep the bones of the room as neutral as possible because I’ve noticed especially with bedroom decor I change my mind a lot. When that inevitable need for change comes I’ll be able to switch out a few accent pieces to give the room an inexpensive new look. Accent colors are still in the works but I have my eye on mustards right now and my great-grandmothers chandelier will have a prominent place in the room.

I can’t wait!


4 thoughts on “our bedroom to-be

  1. Wow! That’s what our room looks like and we bought our house three years ago, lol. I guess that 3 years ago also coincided with the birth of our baby who kind of took over the first year of his life haha. But I am not big into decorating. Wish I was. You could do interior decorating on the side 😉 Beautiful stuff.

  2. If you look at your West Elm picture and you change the headboard to black/brown and the duvet color to grey, then you would have me and Mike’s bedroom set!

  3. Can’t wait to see it done! Great ideas, and I’m going to try to make some of those mercury glass candle vases. 🙂


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