our first pet

our pet

Ok so maybe not a real pet but let me tell you, when Jake brought it home last night and started giving me instructions, it sounded an awful lot like a living thing. My apologies to those of you who feel mislead. But it went a little like this:

Jake walks in the door, jar of goop in hand,”I brought something home for you” as he goes into the kitchen. (He continues to talk to me from the next room, in a completely serious, matter-of-fact voice mind you.)

 “Mark’s wife fed it this afternoon (it was a gift from a friend). We have to put it in something that gives it plenty of room to grow. We need to feed it again in a day and make sure to give it enough air. Do we have some sort of glass jar to put it in? They call it Barm, they sent us with this manual in case we need more instructions. Oh, and they said if we have any more questions on how to care for it to just give them a call.” He walks back into the room, leafing through the owners manual and finally looks up to see me in a pile on the couch, tears of laughter streaming down my face.

sour dough starter

It sounds like he’s talking about an animal right? Nope, just sourdough starter. This thing comes with more instructions than our child did! I couldn’t believe it. Last week he asked if I would want to make some sourdough bread because his friend and his wife had more starter than they could use. I thought I was just going to make a little bread but apparently its much more involved than that. There’s a growing phase, you have to feed it at certain times and a if you don’t do everything right you could kill it. Who knew!

Anyway, I am eagerly anticipating the wonderful aroma of fresh bread filling out house. mmm. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. Hopefully I don’t accidently kill it. I’m not exactly skilled in caring for things that aren’t human…

Oh, and some good news. Today confirmed that there isn’t a warrant out for my arrest after missing jury duty last week. The trial was canceled and all jurors dismissed. Phew. I hear lady jail is kind of a bummer.


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