favorite baby products: the go-pod


We had a great weekend, I hope you did too. We didn’t do anything all that exciting but it was a great mix of accomplishment and relaxation. Jake has been working over-time for the last month and we have been missing our beloved three-day-weekends but we made the most out of the last two days. We cleaned the garage and continued to move things into the house, set up Jake’s work bench, fixed a broken toilet, cleaned the house, took a bunch of tutorial pictures, went for a few family walks and even had a date night!

Much of this accomplishment was made possible by one of my favorite baby products. The go-pod, albeit, the name is a bit strange and mumbling a bit when I’m talking about it in public, it really is a life saver. The go-pod allows her to be where we are but helps us make sure she’s not getting into trouble. She got to sit outside in the drive way and soak up some much coveted Vitamin D while we worked in the garage. This is also how we start each of our mornings, she plays in the pod while I eat breakfast and read.


I could tell she was ready to stand in something to play around Christmas time and started looking at “ExerSaucers”. At that time we were still in our two bedroom apartment and didn’t have a bigger space in our sights. Though I wanted something that the babe would enjoy I really didn’t want to give up precious floor space when there was so little of it to begin with. That’s when I came across this fabulous product. Like most baby products we have purchased, I was originally drawn to the look. I have a hard time wanting to bring brightly colored plastic items into our home and thought this doesn’t exactly “match the decor”, it isn’t glaring. It is super light-weight with easy to clean material.

toy hooks

It even has toy hooks so we can switch out the toys when she loses interest. It also comes with cup holders, not quite sure what those are for…big-gulps maybe? And the very best part:

go-pod folded

It folds up! Just like a camp chair. It even has a bag that it slides into with a handle for easy storage and transportation.

When we originally purchased the go-pod we didn’t know if we would like it. It was about a third of the price of a typical ExerSaucer so we decided if we didn’t like it we could always use it when we travel and get an ExerSaucer to use at home. BUT we love the go-pod and don’t see the need for anything else! I would highly recommend one of these for your little one. The Go-Pod is made by KidCo and come in a couple of different colors. It would make a great gift or the perfect item to have at grandma’s house!


One thought on “favorite baby products: the go-pod

  1. I could totally see myself using this outside in the yard while I’m working in the garden or playing with Mateo. And camping!. I love that it folds up! We had an older hand me down exersaucer with Mateo but I don’t think it will survive a second kiddo.
    That’s awesome Everly will chill in there while you eat breakfast and read! She sounds so mellow. Opposite my boys lol. Though Alex has simmered down quite a bit thank goodness! His colic only lasted til about 3 months compared to 7 or 8 months with Mateo!


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